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Aug 15, 2012
France, near Lyon
Here is PNes, the Portable NES by CPasJuste


This will use gl4es for the rendering. I ported only the OpenGL 1.x backend, so no shader effects. Also, if the emulator goes to fast, update gl4es (just update the system with `sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade`), to have latest version thta include a fake VSync option. The keymap should be Pyra friendly.

You may need to install libglew2.1 and a few other for this one to work. Use
sudo install libglew2.1 libtinyxml2-6a libminizip1 libfuse2
if it doesn't start.

By default, all roms are fetched from "appdata/pnes/roms", but you can redirect the folders by editing "appdata/pnes/config.cfg" after a 1st run. Note that you cannot add new folder,

History log

Build 03

  • fresh build
  • repacked for better compatibility
Build 02

  • fixed Pyra keymap
  • hide mouse cursor
Build 01 (unpublished)
  • Initial build
  • Some Pyra adaptations (fullscreen & keymap)
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Whit addicting the depends, it’s running but I don’t know how to select a game: it’s shows the stuff I have in media/pyra2/Roms/NintendoEntertainmentsystem but no button works ..
(B) should start the game if you have it (so it's green no red). Ese ESC to have globale menu, and Enter for per game menu. Same when a game is launched. Pyra (B) to validate.
The Menue is red, so this might be the issue ? How to add my Romfolder?

Edit: ok everything have to get put in the Romfolder whitout other folders..
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The Menue is red, so this might be the issue ? How to add my Romfolder?

Edit: ok everything have to get put in the Romfolder whitout other folders..
You can edit appdata/pnes/config.cfg to move the rom folder to some other place than default.
Ok, used the a bit faster Phytium to copy the stuff on the default Rom Folders, now its time to test how good they work ^^
At least its only 8 - 32 bits and no Playstation or Dreamcast yet , so not that much to worry about disk space-..
Slightly odd as a reportedly 'portable' source tree depends on openGL not ES, but I guess I'm forgetting the special meaning for that word in computing, since the ability to port easily between Linux, Mac, Windows and Amiga can make things portable as well as the everyday meaning which is more or less a synonym with pocketable.
Also on Pyra you have the ability to have these Systems portable and pocketable ..
ok GameGear is also Portable but SNES NES and the Sega Consoles aren’t ..

Would be cool if it would Stand for

P - yra ^^
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There is an option to build GLES2, for Android mainly, but I got some issue with the build, and the OpenGL 1.x backend worked fine, so I kept that (because I don't care much about the Shaders effect tbh)
It was intended as Portable „insert System Name here“ from its developer, so it will get this Name also on its showing ..

This time I want to take some decissions for the Game off camera as there is now a „Playlist“ favorite Game Feature .. ^^
Battletoads is challenging and will make your PNES hard.

And Dragon Warrior II is epic and will give you a long PNES experience.

Can Night of the Tentacle be emulated by your PNES?
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So... this just might be one of those clever dev references. You guys remember NESticle?

NESticle, PNES, what's next? ANES. :cool:
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Thanks for the Update, allthough i got these to run now (after i put all the Depencies on my Pyra (and a bit more), this would help letting the Pyra Emulators up the date when the customers are finally moving to Bookworm or Bullseye..