Release PSNes

Or just use the DBP Installer tool, it installs these dependencies automtically for you.
This is an essential tool that belongs on every Pyra!
New build on the repo, with a fresh build and some repackaging to hopefully make it more compatible with future version of the OS.

Build 03

  • fresh build
  • repacked for better compatibility
Thanks for updating this, and the other P* emulators.
Cool tried this one last night, worked like a charm, great release.
Post automatically merged:

These "P" emulators don't work in bullseye or bookwork anymore, since they look for older versions of the libGLEW, libcrypto and libtinyxml2 dependencies.

If the emulators do relay on the older libraries it may work if local copies from the buster versions are included...

Edit: I managed to run the emulator in bookworm by copying the system's to, and installing libcrypto1.1 from the buster repository by adding it in the sources.list.
had to do the same but only for tinyxml2-6a bullseye is already at 8