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Aug 15, 2012
France, near Lyon
Here is PSNES, the Portable SNES.

This version of Snes9x is maintained by Cpasjuste, and is part of the PEmu suite. It use SDL2 and OpenGL (so gl4es). Default keymap should be Pandora compatible.

History log

Build 01

  • Initial build.
  • Adapted to Pandora.
  • Refined frameskip.
  • Added 50Hz/60Hz LCD switch
Thanks for continuing to publish these compilations, ptitSeb. As I think I've mentioned before, my Pandora is out of action, and it seems I may have been the last person regularly testing out your releases as a matter of course.

I hope getting this stuff compiled on Pandora gives you a base for getting stuff building on Pyra when we all get those.

Oh, and your screenshotty thing up there is broken for me at time of writing.
@levi : yeah, it seems broken for me too, but when I edit, the link is correct, and the picture is shown correctly. So no idea what's wrong here. I'll re-check tomorrow, maybe it will be automagically fixed.
Oh yeah, that's weird. If I quote your message and pull the url out it seems to present a PSNES emu menu screeen as well. No idea why that isn't working at present, though I hope as well it just fixes itself, given I can't see what's wrong.

Edit: Just a temporary glitch it seems :)
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Default keymap should be Pandora compatible

Start button on pandora will bring up main menu but nothing seems to invoke the rom menu, so I can't choose a rom folder path.

Thanks for the continued new software to play with!

Edit: Changed the path manually in the appdata folder, abxy don't quite correspond to labels on screen but other than that, all seems to work fine.
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This emulator is probably the best SNES emulator i've seen on a portable however too slow for a Rebirth to play Super Mario All stars full speed :(
Yeah, it may even be fullspeed on a GHz Pandora, but if nobody with a working one tests this out we won't know. Should be a good fit for a Pyra once OpenGLES is working.
I'll try it. If it supports bt audio and is fullspeed on my Ghz, it might become my main snes emu.
I've tested it this weekend on my Ghz Pandora. It runs Star Fox fullspeed (at least according to the FPS counter it stayed at 60/60 at all times and it didn't look like it was skipping frames, though I'm not an expert on this). It wasn't able to run Star Fox 2 fullspeed (FPS counter said 50/60 and sound was broken) and couldn't run Yoshi Story, but all other games I've tried seemed to be fullspeed. I don't know if there was frame-skipping involved (didn't feel like there was, but once again I'm no expert on this). I didn't try Super Mario All-Stars.

This was without filters. As soon as you add filters (even if it's just scanlines) FPS start dropping to unplayable levels (at least on Star Fox).

Default controls are incorrect for the Pandora: R and L buttons aren't mapped and the other buttons seemed wrongly mapped compared to a SNES controller. The buttons displayed in the homescreen aren't correctly mapped either.

I haven't tried the support of BT audio, and I'm not sure but it didn't seem like it had a "fast forward" option (which is soooo useful for many turn-based RPGs) but other than that it could be my main SNES emulator.