Release PFBA

New build on the repo, with better perf and key fixes...

Build 04

  • Compile with LTO to get back to build02 level of performances
  • Audio frequency can be selected now in Emulation option (44,22 and 11kHz)
  • Fixed QuickBrowse key issues
Hi , I've booted up pfba on my pandora and the text on the menu has crashed , the ROMs load up but I can't read what I'm choosing.
Have uninstalled and reinstalled but still the same.
Any help would be awesome as I love FBA.
Cheers guys.
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@MattMayatt, When you uninstalled did you also clear out this directory?: /media/YourSDCARD/pandora/appdata/pfba

There may be some residual setting in that directory that may be screwing things up.

Also if you're using a first batch (CC) pandora you will need to change to the 4.04 SGX driver. Notaz made a utility that makes switching SGX driver versions easy.
Hello Ptitseb would it be possible to update PFBA to the latest version it has mortal kombat raiden 2 world rally 2 and others
So I have looked into it.
PFBA is now part of PEMU, along with PSNES and PNES.
Of course, most of my changes to make it work on the Pandora didn't applied anymore, so I spent last weekend plus this saturday to get a working PFBA (and PSNES and PNES).
The problem is the Cyclone M68K cpu emulator doesn't seems supported anymore (sources are still there, but no platform uses it, so I assume it's no more working), meaning arcade machines with numerous M68K-type cpu will be slower than in previous build.
Frameskip was also completly removed, so I hacked some limited frameskip (only 1 frameskip maximum).

And, last but not least, this build use openGL 2.0 with Shaders, so you may need to use latest SGX driver, and it may (or may not) works on CC models.

Because of so many changes, I'm putting the new PFBA only here: PFBA.PND. Please test and report.
I'll push PSNES and PNES on the repo if there are some reports on how this new PFBA is working.
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There's always interest, but it's the free time that matters most of the time :(
On the repo, PFBA is marked:
Updated:Feb 21, 2018
yes, because

Because of so many changes, I'm putting the new PFBA only here: PFBA. Please test and report.
I'll push PSNES and PNES on the repo if there are some reports on how this new PFBA is working.

So no repo for now, only direct download (and I slightly change the message to try make it more clear there is a link to the PND).
Personally, I appreciate PFBA but unless there are performance improvements I see no need for an update. As for PSNES and PNES, we already have many emulators for these on the Pandora and I don't see a need for new ones.
So, only one concrete answer. That's disappointing, but, not really unexpected.
It seems the Pandora use base is close to zero now. So I see no really purpose in continuing pushing stuff for it.

(Just a reminder, that new PFBA release was asked by a user, that seem to have vanished now, but I did spend 3 full days in it).

So what I will do is pushing to the repo the stuff that was "in testing" on the forum, as this seems really really useless, and just continu to prepare stuff for Pyra. But don't expect much stuff on the Pandora (and, anyway, face it, so one cares anymore).
I love my Pandora and use it everyday, I appreciate all the work you have done Pitseb!!
Sorry that you feel like this today, petitSeb, but it´s understandable. Like LTStone, I use mine every day, the one with working right nub for gaming and the far more scratchy one for organizing and audiobooks and on trips as powerbank. In gaming in this hot summer I just tend to do the same things over and over since spring (Dr. Mario, Doom, RTCW,...) rather than testing out all that´s new at the moment. Also true, the userbase is just waiting on the Pyra. And then interest will explode because new pyra owners will no doubt check out the Repo. Do not feel like you have wasted time, you have helped keeping the Pandora alive for so very long it has become a legacy and I thank you too for this. For me Pandora is still the best handheld in retrogaming.