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Aug 15, 2012
France, near Lyon
Here is SRB2Kart, a "Mario-kart" like game with a Sonic theme

The game use Sonic Robo Blast 2 Engine. This build use SDL2 and gl4es to run. On first start, go to options to configure keys (defaultare not really Pandora friendly) and configure screen (default is 1280x800, wich makes the game too slow to be good). I suggest to go to minimum 320x200 to get higher framerate, but you can also use 800x480 and lower draw distance maybe...

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This is real nice PtitSeb! and has a netplay too! I wish more games had netplay.
This game is great fun :) works fine on CC when, as advised, you make the screen 300x220 (AND reconfirm this once again by pressing return while still in that menu, otherwise it will go back to large default ;) ).
This reconfirming seems only necessary for screen soplution, not for keyboard settings etc.
With swapfile enabled and distance small (as advised), runs fine - (otherwise it crashes here) :) Thanks for your great porting work in these times, ptitSeb :).
Hi all :)

I finally set my Pandora up again, and played SRB2Kart a little this afternoon. It's far from fullspeed on my Rebirth OC'ed @ 1GHz with resolution at 320x200, but it's a lot of fun none the less :) Shows that the DooM engine still has a lot to offer !

@ptitSeb : I had an issue with the key mapping. I mapped "m" to bring up the menu, but when I typed my name in, pressing "m" in "SAM" bring up the menu too...

Cheers, Magic Sam