Proposal to get my Pandora faster (and help Craig a little bit, too)


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Dec 8, 2010

I'm itching to get my 1GHz Pandora, but I realise Craig is having cashflow problems right now.  I have a proposal that will get a Pandora to me a little faster, and might even help Craig's situation a bit.

Current situation:

  • I'm a pre-ordered through Craig (not sure which batch; I ordered 31-Dec-2009)
  • My original order was for:
  • Spare battery
  • Spare stylus
  • TV out cable
  • Carry case
[*]Recently I paid Craig to upgrade to a 1GHz Pandora
My proposal:

  • I pay ED for an upgrade via ED's store for a 1GHz Pandora
This means that I will have paid the upgrade price twice, but it's better than paying twice for a whole 1GHz Pandora.

I guess in theory Craig will then owe me the upgrade money as a refund and will owe the original pre-order money to ED (although perhaps the money owed to ED by Craig becomes Craig's commission on the sale and he keeps that, or something).

In practice, though, I'm happy for Craig to take my upgrade money as a donation toward his cashflow problem.  I know it's not going to help directly like a donation would, but I hope that having one less screaming purchaser will make his life a little bit easier.  I'm even happy to write off the accessories that I originally ordered, in order to lessen Craig's burden.

Could that work?

If possible, I could even upgrade to this and get some of the accessories I want:


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May 28, 2003
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+1  for being polite, understanding and positive!

We get loads of aggressive people demanding refunds round here, and its wonderful to have someone being so positive about the situation :)

Not being part of the official team, I can't really comment on your suggestion (although it seems workable)

In general, shipping from ED's shop takes a few days, not unlike any other online shop.
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Jan 28, 2012
Woah, EvilDragon sells Pandoras in a wooden box now too?  Could it be the same design as the one Craigix included for a while?