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Jun 3, 2019
Does anyone have a directory full of datasheets for the various chips used in the Pyra? I've been reading up on a few things but keep having to search for the datasheets. I expect someone has got all these in one place already though.

If not, is it ok if I create a list of datasheet links here or on the wiki?


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Jun 3, 2019
In schematic order (v20190717, see replies below):

  1. Nubs (x2)
  2. Buttons
    • Panasonic EVQ-PSD02K - 4 x Tactile Switch for shoulder buttons
    • SN74LVC3G06YZPR - Triple Inverter Buffer/Driver With Open-Drain Outputs for left-bottom shoulder and power reset combo
  3. Keypad
    • TCA8418RTW - I2C Controlled Keypad Scan IC With Integrated ESD Protection
  4. LEDs and GPIOs
    • IS31FL3199 - I2C (addr=0x64) 9 Channel LED Driver
    • Rohm SMLP34RGB2W - 3 x 4-pin RGB PICOLED(R) for "LED-L", "LED-PWR" and LED-R
    • CDBQR0130L-HF Shottky Diodes - 3 x used to make the red leds of the 3 x RGBs also display the "FAULT 1 / 2" and "CHG-STAT" outputs.
    • TCA6424ARGJ - I2C / SMBus I/O Expander
      NXP PCAL6524HEAZ - I2C-bus / SMBus I/O expander
      for "HDMI-CT-HPD", "HDMI-LS-OE", "EN-USB", "EN-HOST1 / 2", "CHG-INT", "MIC-INT", "EN-MODEM", "SHDN-HS-AMP", "EN-OTG", "FAULT1 / 2", "CHG-STAT"
  5. Keyboard Backlight
  6. USB-3.0 OTG
  7. USB-2.0 Host + eSATA
    • TPS2561ADRC - Dual USB Power IC to control the current to the USB host ports when "EN-HOST" is enabled
    • TPS630701RNMR - 2V to 16V Buck-Boost Converter With 3.6-A Switch Current, powers USB hosts
    • Molex 48393-0003 - USB 3.0 Female Type A Connector
      USB 2.0 data pins connect to "HOST1-D" pins of the CPU module
      USB 3.0 data pins connect to "SATA-RX" and "SATA-TX" pins of the CPU module
    • Assmann AU-Y1006-2-R - USB TYPE-A USB 2.0 Receptacle Connector 4 Position Surface Mount, Right Angle
      USB 2.0 data pins connect to "HOST2-D" pins of the CPU module
    • IP4220CZ6F - Dual USB 2.0 integrated ESD protection
    • TPD4EUSB30 - 4-Channel Transient Voltage and ESD Protection for Super-SpeedUSB 3.0 Interface
      used on eSATA lines
  8. Charger / OTG / Power
    • BQ24297RGER - I2C (addr 0x6b) Controlled 3A Single Cell USB Charger With Narrow VDC PowerPath Management and Adjustable Voltage USB OTG
      Looks after "VBUS", "VBATT", "VSYS", and the USB "OTG" voltages.
      Provides a "CHG-STAT" charging status used to make "LED-PWR" red.
      Monitors the "BATTEMP" battery middle pin.
      Sends "CHG-INT" 256-μs pulses to the CPU module to report charger device status and fault.
    • TLV70233DBVR - LDO Voltage Regulator, drops VSYS down to 3V3, but only when CPU Module supplies "1V8" to the LDO's enable input
    • INA231YFFT - I2C (addr 0x4x), Current / power monitor for "VMODEM"
    • TPS22963CYZPT - 5.5V, 3A, 13mΩ On-Resistance Load Switch
      to control "VMODEM" from "EN-MODEM" signal
  9. Battery Fuel Gauge
    • BQ27421YZFR-G1D - I2C (addr 0x55) Battery monitor - System-Side ImpedanceTrack™ Fuel Gauge With Integrated Sense Resistor
      Used to measure "VBATT"
    • AVX 009155003201006 - Battery Contacts 3Way .4um Ht=3mm 3A 2.5mm Pitch Rdc Size
  10. SD-Slots
  11. 3G / 4G Modem (with GPS) + SIM
  12. WLAN & Bluetooth
    • WL1837MODGIMOCT - WiLink™ 8 Dual-Band Industrial Module
      Wifi, Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE)
      Dedicated audio processor supporting on-chip SBC encoding + A2DP
  13. Charger / Console
    • Molex 105017-001 - Micro-USB B Receptacle, Bottom Mount, Surface Mount, with Solder Tabs
    • FT232RQ - USB to serial UART interface
    • FPF3040UCX - 18V-Rated Dual Input Single Output Power-Source-Selector Switch
      Chooses where to connect USB "VBUS" power lines when "EN-OTG" is set or not.
    • TPS22963CYZPT - Digital power switch to send power from "VSYS" to USB FPG3040UCX when "EN-OTG" is set
  14. Sensors
  15. Sensors (integrated)
    • Bosch BNO055 - I2C (addr=0x28 / 0x29) - Inertial Measurement Unit
    • Bosch BME280 - I2C (addr=0x76 / 0x77) - Humidity sensor
  16. HDMI
    • TPD12S016RKTR - HDMI Companion Chip with I2C Level Shifting Buffer, 12-Channel ESD Protection, and Current-Limit Load Switch
    • Molex 46765-2301 - HDMI Connector, Right-Angle Receptacle, Surface Mount, 0.40mm Pitch Micro
    • DLP11SA900HL2L - Common Mode Chokes / Filters 90Ohm 20% 100MHz
      4x used on HDMI-DATA0 / 1 / 2 and HDMI-CLK lines.
  17. Display & Touchscreen
  18. Audio Headset
    • TS3A227ERVAR - Autonomous Audio Accessory Detection and Configuration Switch
      Detects 3-pole or 4-pole audio accessories (headphone / microphone) and configures internal switches to route the signals accordingly.
    • FDV301N - N-channel MOSFET used to generate "PLUGDET" signal when headphone jack is inserted.
    • CUI SJ-43516-SMT-TR - 4-contact, 3.5mm audio jack with tip and ring switches
  19. Audio Out
    • Seltech GR1813L025UN8 (discontinued)
    • 50K Dual Potentiometer (not specified)
  20. Misc
  21. CPU-Module connector
CPU Board
  • OMAP5432AAN - "Multimedia Device"
  • TWL6037 - (i2c addr=0x48,0x49,0x4A) - Power Companion IC (CPU ~1.05V Power, 32KHz clocks, Real Time Clock, boost convertor to generate VBUS when in OTG host mode)
  • TWL6040 - (i2c addr=0x4B) - 8-Channel low-power audio coder / decoder ('codec') for portable applications
  • USB3503 - USB 2.0 3-port hub
  • Samsung DDP DDR3L D-die 4GB 1600MHz
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Dec 4, 2011
Great work!
Some comments for completion (if you want to make a Wiki Page) when comparing to the mass production release:
* TCA6424ARGJ has been replaced by pin compatible NXP PCAL6524HEAZ
* RF-connectors are U.FL type Molex 73412-0110 and Murata MM8430-2610RB3
* Speakers are Seltech GR1813L025UN8 (may have been discontinued) or compatible
* TS3A5223RSW and its function has been removed because it can't avoid leakage current into the WWAN module if that is powered off
* 3G/4G Antenna is Antenova A10393 RUBRA


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Jun 3, 2019
Sorry for the confusion darling :) I forgot to do version tracking there. It looks like you've worked through the list on the wiki now anyway?