Release [Repo] Pygrep - search your files with a Python GUI


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Dec 14, 2012

Somehow the new changelog is not being shown in PNDManager because I forgot to update the release number. So here it goes:

Changelog for (re-release)
* Rightclick now copies the full line or filename (depending which panel you click) to clipboard.
* select a line and press DEL to have an inline viewer of that line
* select a line and press Press SPACE or ENTER (or doubleclick as before) to edit file in nano

Changelog for
* Persistent regexp and engine
* Made regexp work with pygrep engine
* TODO: display of xml markup is not working

You can define multiple persistent profiles, that describe which files inside which directories to grep into.
It has a history of the latest queries
Can grep 1674 textfiles (18Mb) in 15 seconds (no regexp mode) which is very slow, but it has an external "Grep" option (so it actually uses "grep"). Use that if you need more speed.
Asynch, first results are viewable immediately.
On doubleclick, it opens a mini nano editor to see the file at that line, allowing for editing/copying.