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The Last Spartan

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May 3, 2007
Im just wondering with SD cards for the GP2X does it matter what speed it is( Would emulators run slower,etc) or are programs loaded into the RAM like some NDS homebrews?
Almost every game loads in to ram, so speed of card is not that important. You will notice write speed when transferring stuff to your SD card that you want to use on your GP2X.

I have said before to choose brand name over speed. You are more likely to get a compatible, long lasting card. Many el cheapo 133x read cards have slow write speeds anyway. Write speed is the most important of all on the GP2X.
Wrong, you will need fast cards for running games on the following emulators:
1. Mega CD.
2. NeoGeo (some big games).
3. PSX.
I didn't say to buy a card with a dog slow read speed, just don't be fooled by some of the crappy brands and their claims. I have a regular speed Transcend and it's great.
I bought a 4gb samsung sd card still aint had it yet so i`m using my crappy 512mb memorex digi cam sd card still does the job though
By far the best speed up would be rewriting the sd support in the kernel, but we all know that's not going to happen, so the best thing you can do is balance brand and speed. Eg. don't buy a 133x unbranded card over a 66x branded one. I have a couple, and notice both cards give 13MB/sec reading, but the unbranded one gives just over 1MB/sec writing, whilst the branded one gives over 5MB/sec.