SDcard / python permissions for wahcade frontend


Still Fresh
Dec 11, 2010
The Netherlands
I hope someone can help me,

I'm trying to get the wahcade frontend running as a pnd on my pandora but I'm running into a little problem with some permissions in the appdata dir on my SD card.

the wahcade frontend exist of 3 apps:

wahcade: the frontend itself

wahcade-setup: for configuring the emulators

wahcade-layout editor: layout editor

I made a pnd file of the frontend and when I run the wahcade.pnd all ini files are copied to the /media/*/pandora/appdata/wahcade

directory that works ok, but when I run wahcade-setup the app runs fine but when I try to create a new setting for a

emulator I get a error that file cannot be copied to the /pandora/appdata/wahcade directory on my SD card,

but when I run the pnd file as a root user sudo pnd_run wahcade.pnd all seems to be working fine.

So there must be a permissions problem, I changed the directory in the python script to /home/<my username>/ and that is working also.

does anyone knows how I can make a pnd run as root without using the sudo command from a terminal?

or does anyone have a suggestion why I cannot write to that directory from within a python script.

I can write files to the pandora\appdata as a normal user from a terminal session.

I'll try to post the exact python error when I'm at home.