Several Mupen64Plus Related Questions


Still Fresh
Feb 25, 2010
I've got several questions, all related to mupen64plus.

1. Is it possible to create a relative directory path to the a folder in the root of the SD card a pnd is on? (I.e. is it possible to configure a link in mupen64plus to scan a rom folder on the root of the sd card the pnd is on regardless of which card it is loaded as?)

I'm pretty sure it won't be as simple as ../../N64Roms/ since the pnd loads an app from it's own temporary mounted filesystem.

2. Has anyone gotten the blight input plugin to work? If you have a working config, could you upload it or post it?

3. How do you configure the PPSP Input 2 plugin? I've tried changing the config file for it but none of the changes I make seem to work. (It always behaves in the default manner no matter what the config file says.)
I've solved number 3 by completely deleting my mupen64 appdata folder and re-configuring the controls. The configuration formatting had slightly changed from the older version of the plugin.

My goal with questions 2 and 3 is to map the joystick to the dpad, a to the b button, x the the a button, c< to the y button, and cv to the b button. (with all c buttons still working on the right nub as well)