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What happens if two masons with different shoe size work on the same house?
They would step on each other. (or buy one of them new shoes). "All employees put on these size 45 boots". Pad them with tp.
I've made a start on the next version of my unit converter program. The user is going to have the ability to add and remove their own conversions. The unit dict dictionary is now stored in and loaded from a json file and any changes made to it are written to the same file.
Also a slight change to my mystery project, I'm now going to be using FocusWriter instead of TeX/LaTeX.
To celebrate me being able to SSH into sdfeu again I've updated a couple of my programs.

youtube-dl frontend: You can now view and update the video download location and subtitle language from within the program.
Wikipedia scraper: removed the .txt extension from the language file because it's no longer needed.
It's time for another version of the world's most over-engineered unit convertor. Now you can add and delete conversions, and probably do some other stuff that I've forgotten about.

Coming in next version: The ability to add/delete multiple conversions without having to re-open the relevant child window for each addition/deletion.

Have finally fixed my Forest Of Riddles game so that it can be completed. The problem was someone (possibly me) had made the trophy a sprite instead of an item, thereby making the ending tile inaccessible.

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I try serveral Things on the Pandora but nothing realy will work.

-Tried newest stable VLC and i was realy near to get it run but have no i must try more,
-Tried some minimal Browsers to compile but got Glib Errors with Libiconv Versions and compile new Libiconv work but Error stay
-Compiled newest ffmpeg and mplayer..success...maybe i will update my Panplayer PND with it,but exact same Speed as before
-tried to compile MPV because grafical Errors with Youtubevideos on theTube.pnd from the Repo.
-Updated theTube.pnd for playing Youtube on the Pandora with latest youtube-dl but got grafical Errors with some Videos...
...around 50% of the Videos will play
-Jumanji Browser compile? no not realy..Errors over Errors :oops:

-maybe i will try SMPlayer with my compiled Mplayer

..and i try other Things too :p

Still wating for my Pyra over a Month and thought..hey give Pandora again a Try :)
but got graphical Errors with some Videos
I've seen this too, but I guess that some codec are newer than what the Pandora has and the encoding is done for some of those newer special cases (and these can't be decoded). I also noted that if a key-frame was dropped (because it took too long to decode), for a second or so, all subsequent frames (which depended on that key-frame) are corrupted (and usually not the full screen, but a part of it).
In my particular case I've went from Debian8 to Debian10 and the artifact disappeared.

Similar cases are popping up with ZIP (with an updated algorithm, and old unzip's sometimes can't cope as they only have support for the the Legacy (Zip 2.0) compression deflate algorithm).
Guitar 1.jpg
Guitar 2.jpg
Guitar 3.jpg
Guitar 4.jpg
Guitar 5.jpg
Guitar 6.jpg
Guitar 7.jpg
Guitar 8.jpg
Guitar 9.jpg
Guitar 10.jpg
Guitar 11.jpg

adding a Piezo under saddle pickup to an old Yamaha guitar. replaced the broken nut now all i need to do is the saddle and get some strings....
all up this cost me under $90 AUD ( thats Australian dollars) pickup from ebay. has both a microphone to pick up the sound of the box and a Piezo under saddle bar . mic and piezo can be blended...
Nice. I can't see where you installed the pickups. I guess since there are no tensioned strings getting in the way of the hole you were able to just get in there and stick them on the underside.
Changed the design of my website's nav bar a tad for more uniformity + have added multi-add/delete functionality to my unit convertor program. I just need to re-jig the layout of the child windows a bit due to the additional button that each now has.
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Here's the latest version of my unit converter program, you can now add/delete multiple conversions in a much less tedious way.


Edit: Have been redesigning my website (yet again), have a bit of border related work to do then it should be finished.

Edit 2: Job done.
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i am into working on my app. I want to create something like anonymous video chat which I use. I want to use video chat for searching new friends and entertain online. I hope one day I will do it.
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I started a side project, a vision of Joust.
I never played(or saw) the arcade but experienced it through ports for the COCO 2.
While some were clones, one, Pegasus and the Phantom Riders was quite an add to the formula.
I hope to mix in Buzzard Bite and Pegasus, probably adding a few twists here and there, like Burger Lord.
Here is the latest dev video.
Another video, I hope I have most of it done by this weekend
Nice, I like the way the enemies emerge from the backdrop. IIRC Joust usually had upper rock ledges atop the screen, stopping you flying high then dropping down, but I like this change of approach. Looks like you're playing it for development without the ability to die, which I guess is fine for early development, but it looks to me like you're fairly far along and want to start playtesting properly. Might want to refine this approach now. And in Joust at least the enemies were a lot more keen to swipe you out. Of the games in William's Arcade Classics volume 1 on the dreamcast which I bought for the official Defender, Defender actually turned out to be probably only the third game I put the time into. I played much more Joust and more Robotron 2048 than I did Defender.