She's Back!


Aug 13, 2009
After nearly a year on RMA, riding the ups and down of the rough surf caused by CircuitCo, the crown jewel of my nerd gadgets is back! My Pandora arrived on my doorstep late Wednesday evening. It is the sweetest feeling imaginable.

I already wrote a review forever and a day ago, but I figured I would post this update to bolster the spirits of all the folks still waiting for your machines. Pandoras are being made as you are reading this message I assure you. Got one out on RMA? They are being addressed in conjunction with new orders; my Pandora is proof! And just for the record, mine came from Craig's shop, so this is also validation that he is once again shipping these puppies as well. My hat is off to all you Pandora developers for righting the ship! I am so so so glad I waited for this thing.

Now as for build quality on my unit: everything is top notch. The right shoulder button was a little sticky at first, but after some screw loosening everything was fine. The case still has a slight bow around the screen, but it is something you will never notice unless for some strange reason you are looking down on the Pandora. The screen is beautiful, and for those of you that were curious this was the defect that caused my initial RMA. I had a weird phenomenon going on called newton rings... Well, the screen on my new unit is pixel perfect. The unit itself is very solid feeling and really just blows me away how capable it is no matter what I throw at it.

Since my initial experience with the Pandora I can tell the software has matured immensely. New features are found everywhere (such as the nub settings menu... more on this in a sec) and things just work right out of the box. I hadn't touched my SD cards since my initial Pandora a year ago and when I popped them in everything booted up as normal. A few updates here and there and I was current with the rest of the repository. I installed some new PND's like PanMAME, Residual and Homeworld and I was reminded again just how incredible this device is.

So there you have it. The boards have been quiet as of late on new Pandora arrivals so I thought I would reinforce to everybody all the hard work ED, Craig, Link, and anybody else I'm forgetting are putting into reviving this awesome device!

Now, as I said, a quick question concerning nub settings. I noticed the nub's are defaulted to joystick mode... but some pnd's don't seem to respond to them? Is it normal to have to switch nub modes depending on what PND you want to run?
Glad for you. One year to wait after having tasted the beast must have been a long long year ^^.

Mmm i never heard nubs are defaulted to joystick mode.
Did you get a ReBirth Edition?

Askarus was an RMA knocking out machine.

Yes, according to the inside battery panel this is a rebirth edition. I have 48GB of Pandora stuff on two cards now and there is still more to load!