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Apr 5, 2003
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This is personal and off topic. I have a chance to get with both my cousins best friends my younger cousins friend X and my older cousins friend Y that both live in LA and go to the same school. I live in palm springs and could also go for one here girl Z. should i go for all 3 trust me they are all hot. should i get up in all 3 or just 1 in LA and 1 here or just one out of 3? and if u say ur heartless if u go out with more than one dont post players only!
ALL 3 just make sure that your not related to any of them cause then you would have to elope to alabama where that type of thing is accepted :D
If you don't know who you want you really shouldn't have any of them at all.. One girl is enough. More girls = more trouble.
Just do what my friend does he dates more than 1 girl but he only dates girls with the same name lmao

serious he does so he wont get confused :blink:

If you date 2 that are in LA then you have a big chance of getting caught (could pop over when your with the other) and having 1 down where u live is a bit safer but still <_<

ok i decided im going with my yunger cuzins friend at first since shes the hottest and completely on the jock. then if i can ill try to get with the girl here where i liv. Thank you ur suggestions helped me ion the process. :D