Silent Linux Desktop Boxes (non ARM)


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Nov 19, 2011
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So, after a thoroughly unpleasant venture into the Raspberry 4 land, I decided to get something like the MintBox Mini 2 instead.
Since the availability and price of that are downsides, I wanted to ask whether someone here can recommend me a silent (!!! - no fans if possible) small system to integrate into my audio/video system primarily for watching DVD folders from an HDD dock (no disc swapping, no transcoding), listening to Music, Kanopy/Netflix/Streaming, Emulation and low res controller focused Linux games (Invisigun, Astro Duel Deluxe, indie puzzle platformers, etc...).

Most I've found are coming with Windows 10 and have no mention of Linux compatibility, so I'm cautious to just buy anything, also don't want to indirectly send money or data to Microsoft at all.

MintBox Mini 2 is based on the fitlet 2 from Compulab, do all of their systems have good Linux support and are they easy to set-up?
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Jan 21, 2016
In the same product line, I got a PC Fit2, and later their IntensePC which I still use daily as a Debian server (for backups, and youtube). There wasn't much choice for linux PC's when I got them, especially fanless and compact ones.

It's probably about 15 years old now, but still going strong. Absolutely zero issues with Linux compatilibity, and I love their design :)