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"Smach Z is Back!" ...?

Discussion in 'Everything else' started by kev_os, Jul 16, 2016.

  1. rygD

    rygD Nihilistic Mystic

    Feb 28, 2014
    Lemme know if it is worth reading, or even better, give us the highlights.
  2. vcoleiro1

    vcoleiro1 Hardcore Member

    Jan 23, 2011
    Someone posted on Neogaf some details Smach had posted detiling the companies they are now working with (In replacement of Rhomb.io)


    Smach Z also posted a comment on their KS campaign page in reply to Stopdropretros last youtube video.
    Pretty reasonable stuff (although didn't address why the KS page says the prototype used clickarm) .
    However, the bit about having given Rhomb.io $280K is worrying, they got $480K Euro from the KS campaign and $660KUSD from Indiegogo. If $280K miinimum(I'm sure there were other expenses to others along the way) of that is now gone, I wonder if they have enough to now redesign the board etc and build the thing .

    Hi TheInaneRambler,

    Oh, no… here we go again… I think there is nothing new in the video, all this information has been already explained in the forums. However, this is the summary of the points that I have seen in the new video:

    - Yes, we have payed all the invoices to ImasD (80K for the prototype + 200K for the development work done so far).

    - No, we haven't all the materials from ImasD, they won’t send us any material until our development contract gets closed. Both companies are in a litigation about that.

    - As Pedro explained, they weren’t using any Lynx tablet hack. They used standard components that can be used in Lynx tablet or any other devices, and that bought from a hardware provider. If the guy of the vide would know how to use Google, he would find that the same component has been used by many other brands, like Qumo, Reeder, Cube Iwork, Pipo,…

    - Yes, I sent a DMCA claim to stop publishing confidential photos that were post only on the private forums. It’s my work to do that for any confidential photo published, it doesn't matter if it's of the a photo of the open prototype or any other.

    - Yes, we’re working with Cirque, using Cirque components (photo of the devkit: https://tinyurl.com/cirquedevkit)

    - No, we don’t have nothing to do with PGS Labs, we were working on our project and the prototype was created long time before their scam campaign was published.

    - Regarding the “idea man” accusation, he is right, we’re not hardware developers ourselves. As we explained SMACH Team comes from the game development industry (Computer Engineers), I’ve worked on about 25 published titles.

    - It’s true that we were at “mercy of manufactures”, you always are at mercy of someone if you don’t have all your resources in-house, and we can’t afford that for a new project. Fortunately, the new way to work with our new partners is different than with ImasD, now they’re integrated with our team and we’re more in control than before.

    I’d rather prefer forgetting about that guy theories and focus on working on the project but if you have any other specific questions about that don’t hesitate to ask us in the forum: https://forum.smachz.com"
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2017
  3. Faust

    Faust Active Member

    Sep 7, 2015
    Qumo, Reeder, Cube Iwork, Pipo,…" funny fact, all those brand are Chinese companies that use almost the same motherboard with the same ports displayed the same way. They are basically confirming by negating.

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