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Epicenter posted on Mar 17 2006 at 12:33 AM said:
Heheh, 310 MHz here .. ;) It's not really CHEATING, but I will fully agree an emulator that is emulating a ~7 MHz 8-bit 6502 variant, much weaker than the MegaDrive/Genesis' 7.6 MHz 16-bit 68000, without adding any significantly stressful-to-emulate hardware on top of that, running SLOWER when overclocked FURTHER is ridiculous-- it makes me wonder if the emulator in question is using a slow C core for the 6502. Is it a direct SDL port or something fairly custom? If it's SDL, C indeed... and that's the root of the problem.

310 megahertz? How many seconds do your batteries last ;)
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i can run my gp2x at 310 for about 3 minutes then it crashes if it doesnt freeze right away
DaveC posted on Mar 16 2006 at 07:39 PM said:
310 megahertz? How many seconds do your batteries last ;)

I was playing Metal Slug X in GnGeo2x today for about 2 hours before the battery voltage got low and the system started to be unstable. This was after the end credits mind you .. ;) The system was stable during the whole game, and very very fast, even with audio enabled with 22050hz samplerate. Sure, it still lagged at 310 MHz, but it lags on the real NeoGeo too.
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craigix posted on Mar 16 2006 at 09:17 PM said:
It isn't really cheating going above 200mhz - the CPU is 250mhz.

Is the 940T rated for 250 officially as well? I'm kind of surprised GPH elected to run it at 200 'out of the box'.. if battery life was a concern, you'd think it'd just drop down to say, 100, in menus and then kick into 250 in actual applications. Then again, there's a lot of GPH's decisions I fail to understand.. ;)

On a side note, Craig-- excellent avatar. I love that movie. (PULL THE STRING)
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The latest firmware drops it to 66MHz on the menus and ups it to 200MHz everywhere else...

Which is why a lot of people are grumpy about overclocking not working...