The Gigantic Star Trek thread


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Oct 24, 2008
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Just made a quick search on Netflix on Star Trek, and its the one Starting whit D.., its from 2019 and allready got 2 Vollumes on Netflix..

Maybe if im ready whit TNG, the Original Series, and Picard, and got boored, i think i will at least watch one or to Episodes from this Show..
Or i start whit my Projekt: Watching lots of Disney Movies on +, including Frozen, and the Movies who got a Remake including the Original... ^^


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Oct 6, 2008
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Not unless you're also a Star Trek serial that I've not heard of yet; Star Trek Djoga'Ro.

I'm not sure why we can't talk about the one beginning with D when we can talk about the one beginning with V.


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Oct 8, 2005
OMG, Picard: Episode 7 was awesome, but...

Did I just hear...

"Downloaded 300GB of data"?

Shouldn't they be using YB (yottabyte) by now?"]

Also, how come I saw someone using some good old fashioned wireless ear buds to listen to music? I thought private music would have been implants by now?]


Apr 3, 2016
I don't know, ST : PIC fails to get me engaged - with the exception of Ep 6. It feels as if instead of things happening they try to throw things at me to geek out about - doesn't quite work, at least not with me. And to my taste they're overdoing it on the tragedy side of things.
Picard finally getting granted a squadron by Clancy only to never speak of it again and forgetting to meet up with them.

Blondie: I must have had a bad day. Sorry.
The rest: Hm'kay.

The religulous elves killing off helpless XBs. Tragic.
7of9 risking herself and a lot more setting up a Borg LAN party. Dramatic.
The awaking drones getting spaced. Anticlimactic. And their whining getting spaced? That's so not Borg. Normally they suffer damage and loss stoicly. Also, what should be the physics behind their spacing? Just the airflow from opening the hull? I don't think so.
And immediately afterwards the lost drones seem to be forgotten.


Apr 3, 2016
Do feel as though Picard himself is way too old to be in charge of his crew? He seems too slow and weak.
Not necessarily. He seems surrounded by capable enough agents and I'd say he doesn't need to be much more than the ambassador of doing-the-right-thing and bring some knowledge, understanding and connections to the game. Though at times he seems a bit clumsy in regards of social interaction. He might have a need for Troy more than during his time on the Enterprise. Too bad, she's not with him.

My annoyances are more like
Blondie - dedicated her professional life to synthetic life - gets turned around by a vision of the failings in things synth of a civiliyation from long, long ago and commits herself to killing bruce-guy. WTF

Dahj barely introduced, killed off.
Bruce-guy barely introduced, killed off.
Maybe others, I forgot? Feels like a scheme.

Now Jana? Making Soji less significant. Next we learn their serial numbers?

Picard pressing his luck on that Planet, after he tried to recruit that sword elve.
7of9 coming out of nowhere saving the day. (In the scirmish in the same planet's orbit.)
Now Rios' back story is tied in to Soji's model line.
Feels too heavy on the coincidence side of things.

That elve girl - Narek's sister - feels too hot-headed for a high ranking operative.

That Mars incident not investigated, but just synths banned?

Probably other stuff, I forgot about, already.

Too many things too odd. For now I keep watching in hopes, the writers get their shit straight and start coming up with more immersive stuff.