The Very Original Current Listening Thread!!

Currently listening to Not Everybody Gets A Happy Ending by Die So Fluid.

I :wub: the last track, "Not Everybody Gets A Happy Ending".

I also :wub: Grog. She's so awesome :ph34r:
Currently listening to Scars & Souvenirs by Theory Of A Deadman.

I've had their second album (Gasoline) for awhile, after hearing the soundtrack on Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy. I saw the third album going cheap and decided to pick it up, along with their first one. All awesome albums, but they have seriously improved between each album. Think this one may go above Gasoline in my top albums :eek:
I can't stop watching this video (and I hate myself for it). But the choreography is excellent.

Warning:Contains Predator, gratuitous violence, and a catchy beat.
Mirando - Ratatat
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I'm listening to the soundtrack from Chemical Plant Zone, and I'm failing to embed a video.


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