The Very Original Current Listening Thread!!

^ I love Elbow. 'One day like this' is beautiful.

I'm also liking a bit of dubstep atm, for example...
Mix with a generous helping of bud and you're good to go.
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Creepy! But quite cool as well.

Currently got an old school tune on:

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Currently listening to Pzychobitch - Electrolicious because told me to. I wasn't too sure when I put it on, but I actually like it :eek:

Fav track so far has been Strom aus Fantasie
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Merzbow. For some reason...

You need strong ears; it's not really music.

Well that's not quite true... it's music, just incompatible with the human mind.

It's very hard to describe why, but listening to it makes me feel good. Surely that makes no sense right? Well, apparently the guy is heavily into S&M. That quite accurately describes the experience of listening to his... tracks. Pain in audio form, driving you into submission until it turns into pleasure.

Some parts of it are quite moving and emotional. Again, I couldn't possibly explain why. I'm probably mad.
The last track on this album is an epic 24 minute showdown. Well, in noise music terms it is.

Edit: Second half is dragging a bit. Oh well.

He's made over 50 albums of this stuff. Crazy... you can even buy them as a boxset. And yes, people buy and love that boxset.

I even remember an article in The Guardian years back, where the reviewer listened them all in a single 2/3 day sitting. Nutter. :)
I'm getting into some Hans Zimmer recently. I think 'epic' is his middle name.
Hans Epic Zimmer. Yep, that fits.

^Beautiful music from a pretty shit film. One of the rare instances in which the teaser trailer for the film is better than the film itself.
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The True Romance theme is better:

Awesome song/film.
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^Hadn't heard that one, it's nice :) .
His stuff is pretty repetitive, but sometimes the simplest is the best.

His lip ears will soon wobble.
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