The Very Original Current Listening Thread!!

Listening to the Deftones new album, Diamond Eyes. Pretty cool album. I'm thinking that I might buy it B)
It grows on you. The video sucks.

Edit: Eurghh I don't like Youtube's new play button.
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Cool German Metal Musik:

Rammstein - Haifisch

And Du Hast (whit english Suptitles..)

Rammstein is on of the Bands, they are popular in many countrys.. B)

I really, really like this band right now.
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I just discovered this slamming hotty:

So I went and bought her Acoustic album and it's ace. Gets the Nova seal of approval.
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The new Brandon Flowers album is good. Picked it up t'other day.
But as Q put it;
What we have here is a Killers record made without the Killers that sounds like The Killers and is almost as good as The Killers, but not quite.

Those if you can see them. Doing some DJing/Mashups. To my self. Haha.