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Jan 25, 2006
Hi all, yes this is announced in the other thread but I want more contributions to this project if possible...

I've set up an unofficial SVN repo for SquidgeSNES at It allows anonymous read access and passworded write access.

I'd like to keep the code usable as much of the time as possible, so here's the rules for writing to the SVN... Anyone who has worked on SquidgeSNES before can of course have a password by sending me a PM. Others can send me a patch (or just tell me what to change) at, you'll probably get a password if you submit a couple good patches.

Things to do: Graphics optimizations are probably the most important things to do, ideally replace it with ASM code but there are probably optimizations to do to the C code.
If zsnes has versions with x86 assembly for the graphics routines (maybe the current still does), perhaps this would be a good starting place to convert them to ARM assembly. It's probably more straightforward to convert from assembly -> assembly than from C to assembly.
The problem is that arm assembly is very much different to x86 assembly, so although the graphics routines will be in assembler, they won't be optimised to the maximum.

For that, you need to find out how the code works, and then write the arm asm version from that knowledge. It should be easier to understand how code works from C code rather than assembler.
I suppose I'm just speaking from the point of view of someone with more experience in assembler than C :)
I'd like to add the menu changes i did (changed it to take png24. But seeing how it would requier people to also update the bmp to png images which aren't a part of the svn i'm not sure i should?
Without the png images it'll crash at startup.
You could always make it so that it supported both :)

Look for the .PNG version and if it didn't exist, look for the BMP version before complaining.
Yeah, I'd say supporting both is the way to go there, shouldn't be too hard to add.
Mudi posted on Aug 10 2006 at 12:38 AM said:
Yeah, I'd say supporting both is the way to go there, shouldn't be too hard to add.
Yeah i've already made those changes, but i'm completely new to subversion (as well as cvs) so i haven't figured out how to make the changes yet (I'm mostly afraid of messing it all up! eep!)

I'll also need to edit the makefiles, and since my own makefile is heavily edited to fit my devkit (ooPo's package on linux) i wont be able to actually test it. (Although it should just be adding a libpng flag)
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If you want to be slightly less afraid, get yourself a svn gui. I like esvn on linux, I'm sure they have GUI clients for windows as well...
Very true... nice thing about cvs/svn is that it keeps diffs to restore to old revisions :)
Ah. i finally got around to add my change to png files.
However i haven't been able to test the Makefile for the windows version, so if someone could try to compile and make any changes to it it would be great
(Im using the Makefile.ooPo that i added, which, as one might suspect, should be suitable for ooPo's developement package for linux)

edit: It looks for png's first, if not found will try bmps instead.
I'm using this pack of graphics for the menu. (dithered png's)