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Oct 18, 2009
Since homeoffice I would love to have two seperate numbers. One classical landline for my job and classical landline for my parents. My ISP charges an arm and a leg for more than one phone number. I got some cheap VOIP service and I am very happy with it. I have a vodafone easybox with only one DECT phone port.

Is there some kind of a wifi VOIP phone, which can connect itself to a my voip / sip provider? I could build something like this with a raspberry and twinkle but I would prefer a dumb phone which uses Wifi+SIP instead of dect and POTS.

For personal beliefs I avoid mobile phones like the nuclear waste. It must a phone. Or maybe an old android tablet with linphone without a 3g modem? Does someone know tablets which accept linphone calls while in energy saving me?


Aug 10, 2010
Wouldnt wifi drain battery like nuts because of the keep alive checks?
Bluetooth should be the way to go i think.


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Sep 12, 2019
We had this problem (needed 2 different numbers but unwilling to pay for the 2nd number) 1 or 2 years ago, this is what we did:

Here you can contract cell phone lines that are 'associated' to wired phone numbers. You get a SIM with its own cell phone number but you can also receive calls through a normal wired phone number (the one receiving the call sees the 'cell number' but he can call you through both numbers).

So we did a contract with a different company for one of these SIM, bought a gsm modem, fitted the SIM, plugged a dect to the modem and there you go, 2nd 'wired number' without breaking the bank.

I don't know if where you are based you can contract these lines but they come handy when you have several houses but don't want to have a phone contract for every house, or when you have elders that aren't willing to (or just can't) use a cell phone. In fact these are usually marketed for this second case. If not maybe you can find a cheap standard cell phone line, get a modem and plug the dect (or any other wired phone) to it as well...

The one we got was 9.99€/month & unlimited calls included. Now they are 12.90€, same conditions.

I think we used this modem or one like this:

The modem goes for 'gsm fixed wireless terminal', just choose the one that works with the bands used in your country.

The ISP/TSP usually offers 'wired phones' (or cell phones that look and operate like wired ones) that allow you to insert the SIM in them, but if you want to use a normal wired phone you can use the gsm modem I linked.
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