What are you playing this weekend/these days?

Spector of Torment.
Awesome! But -sadly- a little short. Oh well there is still one free DLC to look forward to, some time down the road.

Having some Lego multiplayer ahead of me as the rereleased Lego City undercover entered the steam library if my son. Well at least it is not as boring as the other Lego games
Having hit another roadblock in Planetfall I put that on the backburner. Now finally playing Psychonauts.
Edit: Holy shit. Psychonauts really is one of the best games. The amount and quality of work and thought is staggering.
EditEdit: There's not many games that made me laugh and call out in wonder like this did. I may be preaching to the choir here - go play Psychonauts if you haven't already.
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Finally started playing Skyrim and after just few hours I am already rich, famous and feel overpowered (as a mage I already have mass destruction spells/summons !! plus the shouting skills too)... if this isn't enough I found out that companions are invulnerable and I also could equip them with the most powerful weapons I have...
...also the map is really little !! I wasn't expecting it... I suppose this will be the shortest elder scrolls game I ever played

Anyway physics is always funny during explosive battles :)
Playing 'Dead Cyborg', an older first person adventure game that's free to download. Far from perfect, but discusses thoughts that went into Ghost in the Shell and SOMA. And that alone makes it more interesting than many others games out there.

Got to get back to The Last Express some day now. And having an eye on Frederic Pohl's Gateway.
I found out about the game from the above video and the rest is history.

Finished my first play-through recently. It's a fun game with some interesting mechanics and ambiance.
I've also recently finished Saint's Row: The Third, which was as silly-fun as expected, though maybe a bit too "in-between", with some missions going clearly over-the-top with epic (and silly) situations and other being just standard GTA-esque stuff.
And I'm still working on Spacechem from time to time. Either I'm getting comfortable with it or the difficulty curve is not constant because lately it doesn't make me feel as if my brain was having trouble keeping up.
I recently discovered that 3DS hacking is a thing, so I had to buy one of those and install custom firmware. Currently playing Blaster Master Zero on it, despite having at least a dozen other devices on which I could be playing the original.
My friend got me hooked on Bloodbourne, so I'm jumping between that and Monster Hunter: Generations at the moment. I might hop back into Pokemon Showdown at some point.
I recently discovered that 3DS hacking is a thing

Yup. It's a bit complicated, but as long as you're not on the latest firmware, it's totally doable without having to buy an expensive flashcart or anything. The coolest part is that there are "VC injectors" which will take old console ROMs and trick the 3DS into thinking they're legit VC games, even if the game you're using was never available for VC. This means you can play them using Nintendo's own near-perfect emulators. Pretty sweet.

Getting into it with no prior knowledge is a bit daunting, so I wrote a novice's guide to explain what is and isn't possible with 3DS hacking.
Just finished Stories Untold.

Parser is a bit dumb and the interaction is far from being on par with olden days IF. And finding out the last two parser interactions was a PITA thanks to the lack of verbs.
I've never played a game where the epilepsy warning is as important as in this one. Ep. 1 has you stare at flickering text. Ep. 2 has you look right into strobing lights to be able to figure out a "puzzle". The latter was unbearable and I just looked up the solution.

Overall enjoyable. Story is well woven. I like how Episode 4 brings the previous ones' loose ends together. Sounds, Music and voice acting are top notch.

Next in line: Dropsy! Frederik Pohl's Gateway - with emulated MT32 music <3
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I'm floating between three games: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Zelda: Link's Awakening, and Final Fantasy IX.

Skyrim is the first Elder Scrolls game I've played, and it's cool. I'm not normally into medieval fantasy, but the game is holding me.

Link's Awakening is fantastic. It's like Link to the Past for Game Boy.

Final Fantasy IX I've been playing for too long. Just need to finish.

(Playing Zelda and FF on Pandora)
I basically spent the weekend going through all the game bundles I'd collected, claiming, organizing, and creating a spreadsheet of spare steam keys. I literally have over 800 games and feel like I have nothing to play. This is the future we were warned about.