What have you bought recently?


Apr 3, 2016
just checked https://www.head-fi.org/showcase/fiio-fh1-dual-hybrid-iem.22884/reviews
and it seems they are really great! dynamic driver for bass and mids and the ba one for clear hights resolution etc. verry cool design for a good price.
so congrats!
i still love my fiio x1 with it's burr brown dac. with the hifiman re400 iem, it makes female voices soo sexy! ;)
lately i discovered that i'm a basshead and use my beyer dt770 pro and dt990 pro a lot.
on the pyra, i intend to use the audioquest dragonfly 1.2 dac.
I thought, the Pyra is expected to have very good audio quality on its own. ?


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Nov 19, 2005
I thought, the Pyra is expected to have very good audio quality on its own. ?
it has a nice ti (they bought burr brown) dac and will have good speakers for such a small device. when using low ohmage iem/headphones it should be nice but
for higher ohm phones i guess a dedicated headamp is needed to amp them loud enough.
[doublepost=1570619068,1570618559][/doublepost]also i allready have the dragonfly dac around since some years now and want to use it because the pyra started it's life as "project: dragonfly" before it was named pyra. so i always wanted to do this imho perfect match. ;)


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Oct 8, 2008
the mockracy
Are you on SSDs already? I quietened down my CPU fan by upgrading it, but now I can mostly hear the HDD spinning. The old case fan does take over noise duty when the system needs more airflow to keep cool, but that doesn't wake me so that's fine.
I've just closed the case after installing the new stuff. First thing I did after booting up was powering down and unplugging the mechanical HD installed not too long ago. It really is bothersome.
Having done that the fridge from over in the kitchen is louder than the PC, can't tell if the latter is powered on.
Only the CPU fan, ryzen 1700 stock one, is spinning in idle. The graphics card has a "zero fan" mode and the two case fans are set to start working slowly when temperatures climb over 60°C.
The motherboard has a fan tuning feature, dunno if that's common. It will detect the lowest possible voltage or PWM that your fan will start spinning at and set that value as the lowest in the fan curve.
The old fans were not among China's finest, just like the TT PSU. The latter was the loudest I reckon. I'll keep one of the fans for soldering fumes and the other will begin a new life as a 555-controlled work desk fan for next summer.