What have you bought recently?

They tend to clamp in your arm hairs and tug on them as you take it off again.

They do with me on occasion, though I don't have the best of luck with wristwatches in general. They either leave an impression on my arm, or if I loosen them by a millimetre or two spin round like a hula hoop (not an exaggeration I had a velcro strap watch that did this). I'm fully expecting my new watch to leave an impression on my arm because every other wristwatch I've owned has done the same no matter how tight or loose it is fitted.

Edit: The impression doesn't hurt if anyone was wondering it just looks like it does.
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A Iphone 12 Mini and a though Case for it, but not for me, for my DAD as his Iphone 6s (which was my OLD ONE) got too many Charging Issues whit its Lightning Port: You need to put the Cable in a spezial position to get contact..
It was awesome to put this Cable in the Iphone 12 Mini and it just worked as it should..

Maybe the better solution where that i use the Pyra as Phone, maybe a Gopro as Camera, and would buy me a "not that Smart Watch" like a G-Shock.. , so he would get my Iphone XR and my Watch 4, but the Pyra still needs some work to be usable as a Phone, and maybe a Non Smart Watch and a Small Camera would be that expensive than the Iphone 12 Mini..
Yeah, I know how to operate on a static length metal belt to remove a link* but I don't know how to do that on an expanding belt.

* Just use pliers to open a clasped bit of metal joining units, then use same to rejoin them but with a link removed.
I bought 4 bottles together for EUR 40, yesterday or so. And as I've learned, they'll be (together) about EUR 800 in half a year, EUR 1600 in 2026.
Are you sure you did not buy it from Flavour Flav?

Yep I'm sure, it's much bigger than one of his.

I had the same problem when I was losing weight, my wrists kept getting too small for my watch. I am still losing weight, but there is not much room to go down anymore as there is only a little bit of fat left so I think that the problem of outshrinking my clothes is finally gone or almost gone.
I'm using a metal one, where you can use a pin to make it smaller (by removing elements from the chain). I feel a difference between summer and winter, so I need to keep adding/removing one...
The Amazon recommended items section strikes again.

Don't worry I didn't pay £135 for it.