Whats Going On!

Trey said:
Warpshade said:
As long as it's not anything with Skeletal, Zombie, or Carp in the name, I think we're safe.

Warpshade was eaten by a grue.
*pouts* No-one told ME it was pitch dark! I would've turned my lamp on if I knew.
Anyway, I live less than an hour's drive from Durham, so I might attempt to persuade my friend with the car to assist with the assembly (he's not a pre-orderer, but he's probably ordering from the second batch if he likes the functionality of mine).
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craigix said:
Today I watched this: http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b00rfgmt/b00rfgl6/Fake_Britain_Fake_Goods/

Which if you can you should watch, it's the sort of thing I need people ... to see.

That's the wrong episode mate, but I don't they've finished production on the one about "fake handhelds" :p

Can you track down one of the companies making these fake goods - like the externally perfect GameBoy charger - and get them to make cases for the Pandora? It seems like they'll be quicker, cheaper, and more reliable than your current lot? Or are they already the people you're using?
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