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Mar 4, 2004

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Hi there, I saw your email at gp32x.de (from ages back!) on WiFi on
the GP32 and wondered if you had any thoughts on WiFi on the GP2X? I'm
putting together an FAQ and it would be great to include some pointers to
WiFi possibilities for the GP2X. Thanks!
Hello everybody
Sorry for not giving anynews, it s just that i didnt have much time this last months.
And i am affraid it isnt going to be better because i am gonna be a dady soon ... :D

Unfortunately the gp32linux.com is lost, and so are the gp32 packages that where on it.
I will try to reupload them if anyone is interested. I need some web space + mirrors + someone having some time to taker care of the mirroring/updates.
I dont own a GP2X so i dont know what to say. I think they say on their website that it wont support
the usb mode that allow you to connect devices but i suppose if you recompile the kernel with the right options it should be allright. But i think you will have the same problem as with the GP1 ... the power supply for usb devices ...
I am a little angry at gamepark, because i sent the emails asking for documentation for the GP1 (a long time ago) and they didnt reply, and now they have the whole GP2 LINUX stufff ... geeeez..
Why dont they help the community ? They could have use our work for the GP2 ... but well ...
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The GP2X would be good for wifi internet browsing, it would add well to its list of multimedia features.