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    Maplestory On Pandora?

    can maple be played on pandora, any thoughts?
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    Frets On Fire(guitar Hero Clone)

    true, but im sure geetar hero and fof have a larger following than beatmania; but we could use touch screen for frets to create enough fret keys
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    Frets On Fire(guitar Hero Clone)

    ive become addicted to the open source gh clone FoF it is on linux too,it uses python, and its freakin sweet. this needs a port, it would RAWK! :blink:
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    Smash Gp Playable On Pc?

    ok, I've tried a few different versions and two freeze, adding some extra characters makes it freeze. its ok, when it works. the source is released, somebody should update this and make it better.
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    Gp2x F200 Lcd Problem

    ive had my f200 for a month, no problem with the screen yet?! i will check for a line tonight
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    F200 Homebrew?

    i played egoboo for around nine hours between the last two day, and made my own level and imported it! it was sweet, i love every thing about egoboo!
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    F200 Homebrew?

    cool, i went and got a f200 last month, so i wanted to see if the touch screen would be used , and i played bird hunt, very fun f200 game.
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    Egoboo has amazing graphic, the best on gp2x ive seen, and any type of zelda should be made for the 2x
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    yes that is true, mabey the game could be made into episodes, or edited for time?
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    Birdhunt - Need Ideas And Testing!

    I've tested it, its fun...for awhile, keep it up! needs better sound effects!
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    F200 Homebrew?

    is there any homebrew using the f200 touch screen in a innovative way yet? just asking, but i cant find any, has any one made a cool 3d rpg on the 2x? lol, im a n00b
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    egoboo and payback are another two examples of the gp2x's potential
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    true, but the game flesh chasemer has good/decent graphics, and plays well, a very basic OoT could be made
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    Does Downgrading Damage?

    they all work, but old i tested!