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    Let's go - Help wanted :) (2012-10-01)

    Good job, ED. As an unfulfilled first-batcher, and I'm seriously considering a 1GHz upgrade now, which would've been out of the question for me a week or so ago.
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    Right, let's start recovering this?

    Mac HDD crashes have brought more havoc to this world than the cataclysm that wiped out the dinosaurs. Fact. On a more serious note, I have a simple question: What is the difference between the original price we originally paid back in 2008 (and the re-preorder from.. 2009 I think?) and the...
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    Way to go! (2011 - 10 - 19)

    Oh wow. Feels like the winter of 2008 was only yesterday. Doesn't time fly?
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    Gles Driver Bug

    What precision types do you use for your texcoords (in case you are under ES2)? A standard practice in cases like the one you're experiencing issues with is, once you've figured out the 'magic value' past which the mapping degrades, to introduce discontinuities in your tack - pick an edge to a...
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    Merry Christmas Everyone !

    Christmas, all!
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    Sdl 1.3 Help, No Graphics

    A couple of things: 1. To verify that you have a functioning GL context and buffer swapping works - clear the viewport on every frame, alternating the color every time: static float red = 0.f; *reinterpret_cast< int* >(&red) ^= 0x3f800000; glClearColor(red, green, blue, alpha)...
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    Onee-sama Tasukete!

    Don't listen to this man, Eniko, this is school proper.
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    So do I. The most robust way to do GLES2 development on the desktop for me has been to stick to GL3 pure profiles/limit oneself to the appropriate GL2 subset. Then of course you need to actually build your stuff on the target platform and see what slipped through the gratings, but it's still the...
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    Powervr Sgx Support For Opengl 2.0

    It means that if you're a SGX series 5 licensee you may ask IMG for GL2 drivers for your platform. TI did not deem such necessary for OMAP3 (or GL2 drivers were not an option back then) so it got the ES flavor. Now, the question: what do you need GL2 for on the pandora? Is it for easier porting...
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    Remember Me?

    Great to hear from you again, authoreyes! Now, chop, chop, chop! ;p
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    Fairly Decent Results With Bullet Physics

    In the cubes case, that would indicate that the price for the GPU accessing the index buffer is higher than the 33% greater vertex load you'd have to pass through the shader when not using indexed form. I sincerely doubt that.
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    Fairly Decent Results With Bullet Physics

    A proper cube should be 36 indices, 24 vertices - two of the vetices from each face should be reused once. If this is your cube's face in terms of vertices: A B C D your per-face indices go like this: (0, 2, 1), (1, 2, 3), assuming CCW winding. Note that a MRU vertex cache of 2 entries...
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    Fairly Decent Results With Bullet Physics

    Try with a tri-list. 24 verts, 12 tris - should exhibit excellent v-cache locality, and will save you all the degeneration from a single tri-strip.
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    Gles2.0 Shaders Are Slow?

    Gotta second warmi here. The fps drop is nothing extraordinary - you replaced a practically pass-through fragment shader for one that does cos, tan and sqrt among others, and your fps dipped more than double. Consider optimisations - try doing some of that work per vertex, and then just use it...
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    Any one-nubbers left?

    Heya, It's more of a personal inquiry, but since I thought others might be wondering the same I'm putting it in a thread: are there any one-nubbers/problematic nubbers still left for sale? Craig? ED?