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    Angry Birds on Pandora?

    Hate to rain on your parade, but that version is based on Adobe Flash.
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    Back|Track According to their news, you can now also download an ARM .img. It's been tested fully funtional on the Atrix 4g and Xoom, so would this be possible on the Pandy? It would be handy for something as small as the pandora for a security and administration Swiss...
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    Web Browser Flash Support?

    Just to get this out there, I saw in one of EvilDragon's videos that he had swfdec installed. So there may be limited flash support.
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    Would it be possible to run Flash Player on the Pandora? We might be able to do this:
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    Some Questions About The Hardware....

    I was wondering, since it has DDR-333 SDRAM, would it be possible to upgrade the RAM, or is it locked onto the motherboard? Also, how fast could I reliably overclock a Pandora? 800MHz?
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    Pandora - Obsolete?

    The - iPhone - 3GS - is - not - as - powerful - as - the - Pandora. The 3GS has a crappo memory-hog OS, permanent memory, and a 620 MHz clock speed for the CPU. The Pandora..... Has a 600MHz CPU plus a 420MHz DSP core. Not to mention interchangeable memory cards.....
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    The Pandora Port Request Thread

    I would like to request a port of Mini vMac. It's an emulator for the Macintosh Plus tha runs very well. I have the iPhone port, and it runs without a hitch. Surely something that runs on my iPod Touch's 550 MHz processor could run on the Pandora?