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    Ok, now where and how do i get a mac os?
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    I saw a video of a guy who put a mac operating system on his psp. I was sort of wondering if anyone did anything like that for GP2X and if anyone made it available. Has anyone done that?
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    Whats New Here?

    Thank you, especially purple goat man. I will look into those soon, or now.
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    Whats New Here?

    I've been out for awhile, i got a girlfreind. Sorry i was gone for so long. Did anyone miss me? Anyways, What amazing things have happened in GP2X land in the past two months? What new games do i need? What new emu's do i need? What's happened since Firmware 2.1? I promise not to start any...
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    I Wish To Be God
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    Firmware Upgrade

    I tried upgrading to the new firmware and on my first attemp it was quite obvious that i screwed up (black screen after start up), and the second time all i got was firmware 2.0.0 and the upgrade didn't go into effect. how do i get firmware 2.1.1 on my GP2X?
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    Video And Audio

    what about the dreaded wmv file or some avi files that i have that it won't play, or the ogg video files i have? There are a couple fairly common audio files that it can't play either. Man shall not live by mp3 alone.
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    Video And Audio

    Is there a video or sound application for the GP2X that supports more kinds of media files?
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    Skin And Icon Creator

    Is there a skin and icon creator? I'd love to make my own.
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    General Emulation Questions

    From what i have seen, there is no emulator that can outdo the real deal. For instance, the GP2X has a 200 mhz processor (if you are poor like me) and it still has some problems (i.e. donkey kong country). The original super nintendo had some 3.48 mhz(and ran games flawlessly) The ones for...
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    Squidge Snes Problems

    I have problems with Super mario all-stars too. My zelda save state loads, but ther isn't any sound. Other than that, this is still a kick ass emu.
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    Couple More Newbie Q's

    How do i get the Descent 2 for GP2X working? I followed all of the instructions on the download page (yes, i have the disk too), and all i get is a black screen and then it flicks back to the main menu. What do i do? I have another small question too. It's probably posted somewhere, but as...
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    Battery Adapter, Sort Of

    I've been doing some research on batteries and i have looked for the best of them. AA batteries have a mAH cut off at about 2600 and a D-cell battery has a cut off of about 13000 mAH (some go up to 14700) Thats a freiken lot more than a AA. Even though it might compromise the look af the GP2X...
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    I May Have Done The Gp2x An Injustice ...

    I never used the guide, but I see about 20 links to the gpnewbie site every time i come here. I don't know why one of them wouldn't catch your attention.
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    How Do I Modify The Background And Icons?

    The search function sucks. I know how to upgrade the firmware. The file i have is just a sound file. there is nothing else that came with the file.