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    I need some help on my wifes computer

    Is it for gaming? Do you have a certain budget?
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    The Pyra Puzzle

    it could work :P
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    So, what you backing? [crowdfunders] This one seems quite interesting, I will be backing it once I have the funds to spare.
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    iCP2: They're throwing in the towel.

    Link is handling this really well. I just hope he doesn't drive himself bankrupt, he really doesn't deserve the crap that came with his partnership with Craig.
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    Show your desk (Merged with Prior Thread)

    This is a good excuse to show off my new set up :P I have my newly built gaming PC (i5 4690, R9280x 3GB, etc) a cheap old 1080p Acer monitor CMStorm Trigger keyboard Razer Naga mouse with Goliathus pad I have a Nexus 7 which I use in lack of a 2nd monitor at the moment I've got my Audio...
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    The Pyra case should have this colour as an option!

    I would love a nice Damson, or something similar.
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    No time for a break after GamesCom

    Fantastic work ED! It's all going extremely fast, it looks like we'll all have our Pyra in less than the 2 monthstm of last time ;)
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    Mah b'day

    Happy Birthday bro!
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    I think EvilDragon is going to need some vacation time

    Congratulations ED! Take some time off, enjoy yourself, the Pyra can wait another week or two! :)
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    Soccer World Cup 2014 - Who are you rooting for?

    I'm gonna be rooting for England as they're my home country. Secondly Belgium because they make Damn fine beers ;)
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    Pyra Release date - Make your Guess here.

    April 18th 2015
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    Logo twerking

    I'm glad I'm not the only one :P
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    Game reviews in 5 words

    Clash of clans: Don't do this to yourself.
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    The good

    We've all been busy discussing what the Pyra should have, and all the crazy ideas of mods Etc. I think we need a thread about the Pyra we know we're going to get and what we like/love about it (or the idea of it) Personally I cannot wait for the Pyra, I don't have a Pandora anymore, and never...
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    Happy Birthday, Comradekingu! :D

    Happy birthday Kingu :)