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    Email Replies

    So any updates on this? I've not been able to use my Pandora now for about 2 weeks. Still no real reply.
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    Email Replies

    I understand you guys are busy. So I can offer to change my own casing and LCD-Cable if you send it to me. Then I could send back the broken parts if you need it. It's pretty easy to follow the instructional video. Not being up to date on...
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    Email Replies

    What about his PM's? sent a RMA Req since 2011-09 to Craigix. About a week ago a pm to EvilDragon (Mr.Mrozek) about it too.
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    What single player game have you sunk the most time into..

    Chess, We're talking many hours everyday since I was like 6 years.
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    Release smplayer2 / mplayer2

    Great! big thanks for taking the time and porting this for us Pandorians.
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    Release SuperZaxxon - Beta 2 released

    Well thanks for the feedback, always nice to get a PowerUser confirm if new things are relevant to the pandora. Thanks for your hard work guys.
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    Release SuperZaxxon - Beta 2 released

    I read something about a newer kernel 3.3 .. What does that mean for the pandora?
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    Running DosBox on a Caanoo through Ginge

    Not the right thread for the pandora but anyway. I tested Wasteland on DosBox 0.74 and it works fine ^_^
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    Wasteland 2 Brian Fargo‏ @BrianFargo # Linux users. We've heard your requests, and will include a Linux version (in addition to more content) at $1.5 million in pledges.
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    Wasteland 2

    Big Fallout 1-2 fan.. I'm a backer. It does note that if they reach $1.5m they will make OSX & Linux ports. IMO It's just a gig to lure for more backers in time of need. All though I don't see the point in waiting with supported platforms.
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    [Problem] USB wont mount any more?

    the above dump is with out the charger. Not sure if it makes a difference tho, but I can try make one with the charger too.
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    [Problem] USB wont mount any more?

    It's like it some times flashes by. So maybe It's some sort of intermittent connection by the USB.. like the USBMemory-plug is glitching? Kernel op:~/Desktop$ dmesg 18890] musb_hdrc: hw_ep 8tx, max 512 [47052.518920] musb_hdrc: hw_ep 8rx, max 512 [47052.518920]...
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    [Problem] USB wont mount any more?

    I've reflashed it, still not working. I've also tried to "reset" power. By removing the battery. Still not working. Can I have broken it? HOW?
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    [Problem] USB wont mount any more?

    Hey I've got the new FW Super 1.5 beta 1.1 I has worked fine when running the new FW. A week ago or so the USB stopped working. Now the panda wont mount or at least show me the usb mem stick. Not sure what to do to debugs this. Any help would be apprishated. I'm about to reflash it just to...
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    Texas Instruments: Dual-Core ARM Cortex-A15 Splashes Quad-Core ARM Cortex-A9 http://www.xbitlabs...._Cortex_A9.html