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    Upgraded Pandora Possible?

    Isn't the Package-on-Package connection the sort of thing that would have to be wave-soldered? I can't imagine there'd be any way to redo that with the OMAP attached to a populated board, what with the, y'know, immersion in hot solder that the wave process requires.

    Your 5 Favourite Albums Of All Time

    Haven't thought about this question in a while. Let's see... Hybrid - I Choose Noise - Dogstar Pearl Jam - Yeild - No Way Jump Rope Girls - 8-track Demos - Forgetting How Garbage - Version 2.0 - Hammering In My Head Burial - Burial Subject to change? But these are the ones that bubble to the...

    How Many Units And Time

    I seem to recall ED and/or Craig saying that they would be retrieving the molds from that factory once the 10,000 were done. That way they'd be able to take them to a mold factory closer to home.

    Anyone Saving An Experience For The Pandora?

    Is it because of moron toe? Personally, I'm saving all things Miggy, especially including Another World. I also haven't touched Space Quest 0 in a while.

    Looking For Peter Mackay (Cave Story Port)

    I'm with Spirit. It's a nice idea to ask Nicalis to port their new content, but I'd just as soon leave it Wii-exclusive. Personally I just want to play the original pixelated English translation of Cave Story, fullscreen on OP without any stretching.

    Beta Simh Pnd

    You're a sick puppy. :P

    Does It Feel Like Christmas To Anyone Else?

    Maybe we can get someone to change his custom label to "Grinch" or "Scrooge".

    Does It Feel Like Christmas To Anyone Else?

    Right there with you. It's intensified by the future-nostalgia brought on by the retro stuff I intend to do with it. Takes me back. I figure I've still got at least 25 days to go before I get a happygram in my inbox, so I'll just sit over here, gnawing my knuckles and bouncing in my chair.

    List Of Cinematic Platformers And Adventures

    Oh, right! The Wiki! Probably will, once we get it sorted out to the point where people are generally happy with it.
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    List Of Cinematic Platformers And Adventures

    Alright, tonight I'll get this cleaned up. My intent is to list each game in something like the following format: Game Title (maybe followed by links to MobyGames and Wiki entries?) by Author(s) Port/Version 1 (publisher) - which software we could use to run it on our OPs Port/Version 2...
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    How Do You Pronounce .pnd?

    Yeah, but lots of people say "jay-peg", "giff", "eye-so" (.ISO) and "ping" (.PNG). I've been thinking "pee en dee" but I definitely like "pinned" and "pand" more. Edit: And I think I prefer "pinned" as it evokes neither "panned" nor "pander".
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    List Of Cinematic Platformers And Adventures

    Like I said, I just grabbed every title that had been mentioned in the previous thread and tossed it in. So, should we throttle the list back and limit it to titles like Another World, Abe's, and Flashback, but exclude SCUMM, AGI, and SCI titles? What should the criteria be? There was no...
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    List Of Cinematic Platformers And Adventures

    My question about which version of Another World I should play sparked a discussion of similar games and the lack of a comprehensive list anywhere. I'll curate one here if people want to contribute: Another World Out of this World Heart of the Alien Nosferatu (SNES) Hammerfist (C64/Amiga/etc)...
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    Which Version Of Another World Will You Run?

    I'd be happy to. Where should we actually store the list so it's accessible?