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    GamesCom, Shoulderbuttons and Heating

    Not sure if this has been suggested, but I've created a rough mspaint job to show an idea I had for the shoulder buttons. Basically, the R1 and R2 buttons pivot on the same axis, R1 is taller than R2 and R2 fits between R1, with the pushbottons underneath at different horizontal positions...
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    Commercial Invoice

    For sending a pandora in to be upgraded, what should be put on the invoice? Name and address for both companies the gp2x invoice number weight of .22 lbs value of 300 usd description of contents: Open Pandora Handheld, used but what about the "Type of Export", "Terms of Export"...
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    Why remove links to ROM sites?

    The most legitimate method I know of to get the roms is to buy the cartridge used and copy it (or play directly from the cartridge) using a retrode, or building your own device to rip the rom from the cartridge. The licensing and fair-use issues are still ambiguous and country dependent.
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    Post Your Dosbox Successes Here

    With WinBox running dos without windows 3.1, and the Pandora overclocked to 1GHz, masters of orion 2 is now (barely) playable for me. (With the normal version of dosbox, it had issues with the mouse jumping and MOO2 doesn't support keyboard menu navigation.)
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    Best Western RPGs?

    KotOR Quest for Glory 1, 2, 3, & 4
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    Iceland Volcano Eruption

    A new volcano eruptionhas started in iceland. What are the chances of delays? :)
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    Release Super Geometry Dust

    Just downloaded and I've got to say: Super Geometry Dust = Awesome Very fun, and for me, very difficult game. (high score ~54k) I assume this would be rather difficult to do, but imagine being able to play on a torus, steadily shrinking sphere, mobius strip, or klein bottle.
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    Lots of questions

    14= I've done this using Synergy over wifi. Synergy pnd
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    Several Mupen64Plus Related Questions

    I've got several questions, all related to mupen64plus. 1. Is it possible to create a relative directory path to the a folder in the root of the SD card a pnd is on? (I.e. is it possible to configure a link in mupen64plus to scan a rom folder on the root of the sd card the pnd is on regardless...
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    Pandora Booting Android

    <edit> wrong thread, unintentional grave digging. </edit> Another potential source of info: rowboat project. It is a project focused on getting android functioning on omap35x based devices.
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    Omap3530 Package Details

    The university's EE department has one, and I'm still looking into the ram. If it is the CBC package, it probably won't work. I need to see what the pins that don't match up do.
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    Omap3530 Package Details

    Is the omap processor used in the pandora housed in the CBC (515 pin), CBP (515 pin), or CUS (423 pin) packaging? (I've found a processor that may* be similar enough to swap out.) What I am referring to is the different packages listed here. *: I have a lot more documentation to read before I...
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    --Solved-- Can't boot

    Yes, the options I get are: default boot power off USB serial prompt serial prompt
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    --Solved-- Can't boot

    Recently my Pandora crashed; when I rebooted it, the loading screen would appear but when it finishes loading it goes to a blank screen with the text cursor blinking (i.e. a blinking underscore character) in the top left corner. At that point I can't do anything except reboot. To fix this I've...
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    Nubs: 100% Success! (2010 - 11 - 21)

    Will it be possible to buy the new nubs as spare parts?