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    Channel Splitting During Mp3 Playback

    Well that is the solution for music playback but what about movies? You can´t underclock them so much or they start lagging. :(
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    Channel Splitting During Mp3 Playback

    That problem is very annoying! It happens also with movies witch forces me to use mono. :( If open2x really fixes that I´m really waiting for the first public beta!!! :)
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    Fleshchasmer I

    Somehow I find the minimap extremly useful... :)
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    Vektar And Urquan Masters

    You can actually change the volume in urquan masters from the settings. Its not very user friendly way but it works.
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    Gmenu2x V0.9 Released

    Hi! I have been using your gmenu2x for a long time and I totally love it! It´s already very good but there is one thing that I think would make it even better. Could it be possible to have kind of folders inside the sectors? They would list as normal links and could be opened in the same way...
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    You can enter the in-game menu by pressing select or start(I don´t remember exactly)
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    Downgrading Firmware

    You don´t have to upgrade to 2.10 before 2.11. Just upgrade directly from 2.00 to 2.11.
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    A Working Flash Player

    Well, you can allways convert them to some video format :)
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    Pqi 4gb Sd-card

    Hi, Im thinking of buying an PQI sd card 4GB with 150 X speed but I´m not sure about the compatibility. PQI´s site doesn´t tell if it uses sdhc so can anyone confirm me if it works with gp2x. Thanks :)
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    Samsho On Gameboy?

    Well, its still illegal even if you own the original game: But who really cares, anyway ;)
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    Port: X-moto

    Well, anyone intrested in porting this game? It would be awesome! :huh:
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    Vexed 1.0 For Gp2x

    For me it does´t work! :( It just returns to the menu.
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    The Underclocking Thread

    Yeah, I thought that it would run fine at 50-100 mhz, but its wery slow even at 100 mhz... :( I don´t really understand how it is possible because it´s so simple game.
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    The Underclocking Thread

    Hi, I think that we should make a thread where you could post your underclockings on all software available for gp2x. Underclocking saves our batterys a lot and many programs work fine on smaller values than 200 mhz. So here is all programs that I have tired to underclock: Nethack: 50 mhz, a...
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    Playing Mp3`s While In Game?,0,0,0,6,1045