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    Currently best web browser alternatives available

    Hello everyone, I'm coming back after a long time and want to use my pandora more often again for all kinds of stuff like browsing, organizing and gaming of course. Currently i wonder what the best (performance and feature support) web browser are (that ideally also support keyboard navigation...
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    Release Hase 1.5

    Thanks you so much for this game Ziz! But I've got a question! Can i haz rope levels, especially Shoppa?
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    Does whatsapp work on the Pandora?

    Hello, i was interested in having WhatsApp on my PC too since my Smartfone just died. I found a CLI-client for WhatsApp which makes it really easy to get a password for your WhatsApp Account and there is a also a pretty neat Pidgin plugin. I've tested both on my notebook and can say it works...
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    GamesCom 2013 - Who's coming?

    I really think you should make a blog post or some kind of sub-page for this, so people can google for it and find more information…
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    GamesCom 2013 - Who's coming?

    Wow, i tried to come today but without a ticket you'll sit there for hours outside before you can buy a ticket… No GC for me this year again but maybe we'll see some photos from EvilDragon or other members and maybe someone wants to report his expierence of that days to PandoraLive! :)
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    GamesCom 2013 - Who's coming?

    *BUMP* So who is actually there right now? Can we have pictures already?
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    Pandora Wiki Cleanup in progress

    No, start writing it locally from beginning.
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    Pandora Wiki Cleanup in progress

    Hi, who is the admin of the wiki? resp. who is working on it? Shouldn't we have a customized layout for the wiki that fits the forum style? I'd like to know more please
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    Ordner mit ä ö ü werden nicht angezeigt.

    So zum Beispiel
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    Ordner mit ä ö ü werden nicht angezeigt.

    Hallo, also wenn du Dateien auf der mit Umlauten erstellst sollte das funktionieren, wenn du allerdings Dateien mit Umlauten aus anderen Dateisystemen mit rein holst kann es vorkommen dass die Kodierung nicht angenommen wird (von NTFS zu EXT z.B./alte Beispiele bei mir). Ich empfehle ext4 für...
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    nD - 10 USD Handheld von Bobs Game Entwickler

    Wozu schreibst du dann in einem toten Thread? Das wundert mich weitaus mehr als dass nD nichts geworden ist.
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    Probleme mit Linux Mint

    Du meinst wohl im System-Tray oder tatsächlich in der Taskleiste(was ich als nervig und eher dumm empfinden würde)? Als Alternative zu Klipper kann ich dir ClipIt empfehlen.
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    Release Firefox 21 in repo

    I guess you mean the community blog? It's closed because nobody was interested in writing for it /supporting it. @ekianjo does a tutorial(and other stuff) blog now. All the interesting articles were given to him, it's up to him if they get released on his blog.
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    Release Firefox 21 in repo

    @ekianjo, it's the or whatever is defined in the PXML.
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    Release Firefox 21 in repo -a args : Arguments to the command So if you want to open the URL just -> -p /media/SD1/pandora/menu/Chromium.pnd -e "" -b "chromium" -a "" Customize that for Firefox and you are ready to go. Have fun...