1. sebt3


    I was planning to work on something exactly like anbox for pyra (once I got one). But since someone else have done most of the work, i'm leaving a link in here :P Should be good to have on a pyra
  2. G

    Pyra production & ethics

    Hi all! I would like to know what information we have concerning the Pyra's production and supply chain on the ethical aspect. IIRC, most of the assembly is done in Europe (including the case in Greece), so that part can be assumed to be covered by mostly-fair local laws. I haven't found any...
  3. V

    Imagination Technologies and future daughterboards

    Hey all, I don't know if anyone else here has seen this, but apparently Apple and Imagination Tech are going to go mostly separate ways. While Imagination Technologies might still wind up with some income from Apple, everyone seems to think this is a big blow for them. I know the current OMAP5...
  4. PCXT

    Power-related question

    Hello I have a question about Pyra power management system. I know, there are some pins in schematic for its different functions, but I don't exactly understand their meanings and I don't have much knowledge about power management systems especially in ARM chips. What is possible to do in terms...
  5. second exodous

    Video edditing on the TI OMAP 5?

    I don't want to start an argument here but I was wondering if the processor is fast enough to do video editing. I've been looking at editing on Android for a while and the last three years it has gotten much much better that what the video editing was. I'm not talking a movie for the silver...
  6. Pyramancer

    Where are the antennas situated?

    I'm wondering where in the Pyra the antennas will be located. With send and recieve antennas for WiFi, send and receive antennas for Bluetooth, send and receive antennas for cellular, and a receive antenna for GPS -- between four and seven antennas, plus also a sensor for the compass -- it...
  7. remjey

    Pyra batteries sitting at GC

    I understand that the Pyra batteries have been produced and then have been sitting at GC for a while. Since those are LiPo, they will degrade even if not used, albeit they can be stored for a longer time with less degradation in specific environmental conditions (mostly temperature iirc) and...
  8. S

    Expected runtime of Pyra and clock rate

    Are there any ideas, how long the battery of the Pyra will last when using it in a "light" way, i.e. not playing games, just editing text and low bandwidth wifi, i.e. not watching video streams, but doing text chatting? 1 hour? 10 hours? Will it be possible to reduce the clock rate to improve...
  9. S

    Pyra without decent web browser?

    One of the main reasons for buying a Pyra is the ability to browse the web. This is much more important to me than using Pyra for playing games - if I want that at all. Unfortunately, browsing the web might become difficult. The Pyra will run the Debian armhf architecture. The Rust programming...
  10. Pyramancer

    Potential for Linux-libre on the Pyra?

    If someone were willing to do the necessary work, what is the potential for running a Linux-libre kernel on the Pyra? Are there components of the device that will definitely not function without blobs or other non-Free software? Is the answer to this question different for the mobile-capable...
  11. Pyramancer

    Location of the Pyra's mobile functionality?

    Do the mobile versions of the Pyra have the "3G/4G and GPS module" on a fourth board? Or is it on the mainboard? Or CPU board? (I assume it is not on the display board?) Will there be the potential for removing the mobile functionality entirely (for example if it is found impossible to make...
  12. Athsrueas

    GPU thoughts

    So I've been popping in and out since the original shenanigans with the OP and following development of the Pyra. Looking at the GPU that has been chosen for the Pyra I'm not all that excited. Maybe I'm in the minority but I am primarily looking at the Pyra as a way to game on the go (I know it...
  13. V

    Pyra Exclusives and paid games

    This is mostly just an idle fantasy, but I've started work on a number of games over the years, and sometimes fantasize about finishing one as an indie exclusive/priority release to support some platform I'm fond of. I'm wondering, what would you think of someone went and did it. Would you pay...
  14. diligentcircle

    Really cool modular and freedom-respecting computer

    Chris from Think Penguin has mentioned this before, but it's being crowd-funded now, and it's really cool! So, basically, the design is there's a "PC card" that has the actual computer on it, and you put that into a case. The case can be a...
  15. S

    Pyra circuit diagrams available?

    Hi, are the circuit diagrams of Pyra available to the public? If so, where can I find them? Some git repo? Which program is used for Pyras circuits and PCBs? KiCad? geda? TIA!
  16. S

    May I still change my casing colour?

    Hi, when I ordered my Pyra, I asked for a (boring) black or coal colour casing. Now I changed my mind and prefer a transparent one. Transparency rules! Will there be transparent Pyras? Can I still change the order? How? What shall I do? TIA! PS: If it's too late or transparent will not be...
  17. tarator

    Use Pyra-Screen as monitor for Desktop PC’s

    I’m pretty sure that this might be hard to achieve, or even impossible, but why not asking: Will it be possible to utilize the display of the Pyra as a screen for a desktop pc? This might be useful for me, since I’m (ab)using some ordinary pc’s as servers and they don’t have a screen...
  18. V

    Pyra Electron / NW.js games

    Hello, long time lurker, first time poster - does anyone know how Electron's ARM build performs on the OMAP? I'm mostly a JS guy, but I'd love to be able to develop for the Pyra.
  19. AnimatedFreak

    Use the Pyra as a DreamPi

    Would it be possible to port the DreamPi software to the Pyra to use it to get online on the Dreamcast again? And if so how hard would that be? I was thinking that the Pyra because it has USB and Wifi it could in theory be used the same way. For those who don’t know about DreamPi it is a...
  20. F

    PND Support?

    I've been dredging the forums for weeks trying to find something, but to no [clear] avail. Basically, I'm trying to find out whether the Pyra will support the .PND files from the Pandora. I'm planning to drop money on a Pyra first chance I get, and just want to know. [Apologies if I'm in the...