1. rohezal

    Minecraft on Pyra?

    How well does minecraft run on a Pyra? I found a lot of Pandora videos but not a single Pyra one. Ingo, Matze, whats up guys ;) ? I played minecraft on PC and on a PS Vita. The Vita Edition has a 864*864 block limit which is way too small. The switch only supports 3K*3K blocks, which is still...
  2. PokeParadox

    Godot Support

    Hi folks, Just wondering if anyone has had any luck running Godot on a Pyra at this stage? I've been playing about with it and have one practice game complete and another ongoing and it would be nice to eventually see it running on a Pyra! :)
  3. FBnil

    Hardening the Pyra (by hardening systemd services). Intended audience: Linux intermediate

    The Pyra, which has a modified build based on Debian, has systemd. The Linux Journal, now resurrected, has a nice article about hardening your Linux Installation. Basically you can run the following command to check what the...
  4. sebt3

    a journey with the pyra

    To tell the truth, it's not my first day with a pyra, far from it. About a week ago I received my "proto" from ED's salvation process. It's pretty much an other device. My charging issues are gone. I have speakers ! (thanks heir dragon :) Now the device feel like it should be: robust and...
  5. ouzle

    Pyra WLAN external antenna

    I notice that Sparkfun are selling high-gain (8dbi) dual-band 2.4 / 5GHz wifi PCB antennas for only $2. I made a quick risk assessment; then disregarded it and powered up the soldering iron instead. Background The Pyra has two dual band AVX M830520 chip antenna on the right edge of the...
  6. ant

    pyra screen protectors

    the very first thing i plan on doing with my pyra is slapping a screen protector on it, and seeing as how mine should be shipping sometime in the next couple weeks (fingers crossed), i'd like to be prepared. does anyone have any recommendations? are protectors in the size of the pyra's screen...
  7. ndbsolar

    Pyra for sale. Skip the queue [SOLD]

    This item is now sold. Congratulations to the lucky buyer :)
  8. bennr01

    Finding the "Two Months™"-post closest to the actuall pyra shipment date

    Hi everyone, With the first pyra orders now being finalized, I think it is time we finally concentrate ourselves the single most important question on this board: Who made the most accurate "Two Month™" comment? First, the rules: - Any post/comment/message counts regardless of platform, as...
  9. matzesu

    What dit you use your Pandora/Pyra today/the last few days

    I know, that at the Time i post this Thread, not many will have a Pyra, but as some usecase of Pandora and Pyra will be just the Same, maybe its not the badest idea to make this Post now, tell the comunity, what you make today (or the last few days) whit you tiny little Linux PC, Last Sunday...
  10. Librelism

    Pyra Mobile Edition & Location Privacy

    I've recently become more concerned about the concept of mobile phones effectively tracking the user's location by constantly pinging towers. I've also heard that even if a device does not have a SIM card, this can still occur. This got me thinking about the Pyra Mobile Edition, for which I...
  11. LWFlouisa

    Pyra Is C++ and Python mainly used?

    I'm more used to developing in Ruby and HTML, although I'm currently working with Shoes GUI. Gitlab currently wiped all my gits I had stored there, so buh bye Terminal Shooter. Although luckily I still have the prototype for Doomed Warrior, another 7DRL I did. I've heard Python is similar to...
  12. Yori

    Pyra Golang on Pyra? [tl;dr = Yep]

    So I have been playing around in golang quite a bit and have been enjoying it. I have an idea for personal app for the Pyra when it comes out and I want to do it in go. So my question is will I be able to compile golang code to the pyra on the pyra or transcompile it on my PC? (I'm going to...
  13. Silent-Hunter


    Will the Pyra support E911? I think in order to be sold in the US, it legally has to. But the penalties seem to apply to the phone network carriers, not the manufacturers, so I could be wrong. Devices not sold by the carrier might not have to.
  14. Yori

    Pyra OpenGL ES feature support?

    I'm currently staring a project that involves a voxel render. The current approach i'm trying is using a Geometry shader to generate the mesh on the gpu. What version opengl/opengl es will the Pyra support and will I be able to use Geometry and tessellation shaders? I'm wanting to know if my...
  15. A

    Gemini Linux UMPC at CES 2018

    Saw this just now. It is a UMPC that dual boots Linux and Android. There's no gaming controls built in like the pyra, It's more like a smaller gpd pocket
  16. A

    Viability of using a Pyra as a hybrid/main computer?

    Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone plans on or if anyone thinks that using a Pyra as like a Nintendo switch for PC's would be viable or not. Having a monitor and keyboard/mouse for it at a desk but being able to unplug and have the same experience portably, forgetting about desktops and full...
  17. Inimuk

    Unofficial Pyra/Pandora Telegram Group

    TL;DR --> Join here: Decided to create a group since I couldn't see one using Telegram search function. Posting in Off topic because this is not a official forum channel. Also looking for channel mods. Cheers! Oops, silly. Created an announcement channel instead...
  18. sebt3

    Pyra pyra-debian-cross

    EDIT: this toolchain is not supported anymore Hello there, So compiling on the pyra works well, but for larger project at some point a cross-compiling toolchain will be usefull. This is my attempt. Sources are : It is based on debian and...
  19. sebt3

    Release KETM

    Kill Everything That Moves It is just another arcade-like-2D-space-shooter. This game (that I have ported on pandora age ago) include 4 mods, So this is the available apps : Episode 1 StarWars 1941 IronMan KartEverythingThatMoves All these games depend on the engine. One stone, two birds...
  20. sebt3

    Release SuperTux

    SuperTux is a free classic 2D jump'n run sidescroller game in a style similar to the original Super Mario games covered under the GNU GPL. So far this is 0.3.4 which was released 2 years ago. later version depend on SDL2 thuss on working 3D. Lastest version will be packaged once the SGX...