1. V

    Pyra Electron / NW.js games

    Hello, long time lurker, first time poster - does anyone know how Electron's ARM build performs on the OMAP? I'm mostly a JS guy, but I'd love to be able to develop for the Pyra.
  2. AnimatedFreak

    Use the Pyra as a DreamPi

    Would it be possible to port the DreamPi software to the Pyra to use it to get online on the Dreamcast again? And if so how hard would that be? I was thinking that the Pyra because it has USB and Wifi it could in theory be used the same way. For those who don’t know about DreamPi it is a...
  3. F

    PND Support?

    I've been dredging the forums for weeks trying to find something, but to no [clear] avail. Basically, I'm trying to find out whether the Pyra will support the .PND files from the Pandora. I'm planning to drop money on a Pyra first chance I get, and just want to know. [Apologies if I'm in the...
  4. fantomid

    Advertizing in magazine - Time to think about catching attention

    I am searching for some catch phrases to present all the people involved here. The first part of the advert will get phrases like: Passion for retrogaming Talented community The Open Source mouvement Two handhelds like a way, a conclusion of the first three sentences Then you will find a...
  5. AVahne

    What's next?

    So uh...feel free to close this thread if it's already been asked, but after all the dust has settled on the Pyra's development, advertisement, sales, etc., do you have any specific plans for your next product idea? Aside from future daughter boards and providing replacement parts for the Pyra...
  6. fantomid

    Advertizing in magazine

    Hello there, I got contacts to have one A4 page of communication about the community, the Pandora and the Pyra. The magazine Retroplaying will be release in France end of october. The main idea is to have two parts: On top the Pandora, with the text "TODAY" and some informations regarding the...
  7. lukey

    How did you find out about the Pyra/Pandora?

    In order to find out what Advertising works for People who want an Open Source, Community Driven Handheld Computer I created this Pool. How did you find to this Community? Lurkers are also welcome to participate. Other: 1x word of mouth (sorry, can't delete Pool Entries) 2x stumbled upon it in...
  8. Liken

    Pyra Favorite Color

  9. Klumpen

    Pyra Media Coverage

    I haven't found a thread about this but lots of links scattered in the pre-order threads, so I'd like to gather those here.
  10. Agricola

    Pyra Hackers Manual?

    Hey ED, The Pandora has a lot of unused solder spots to allow hardware modders to do some weird stuff. But what about the Pyra? Will it be as easily modable? And if it will, what about a Hackers Manual like the one MWeston wrote for the Pandora? It would be really amazing to put more LEDs in...
  11. fantomid

    Promote community and devices

    What are the main events we have to be to promote all the works done here ? In France, we managed to be in FOSS events in Toulouse, Montpellier and Lyon in the previous years. I have to send the application file to be at the videogames event in Toulouse, TGS, this year again. Gamescom in August...
  12. el joker

    Wallpapers for Pyra

    Hi I introduce myyself quickly, I m french and little artist ( photos / graphisms / videos ), I love simple & effective things. You can see here : Photos / graphims : & videos ( interview / stop motion / shorts films ) ...
  13. AnimatedFreak

    Would Nexuiz be possible on the Pyra?

    It's a Open Source first person shooter based on the Darkplaces engine and it's available on Linux. Website and SourceForge I was thinking because the Pyra is more powerful than what the Pandora was it could maybe run...
  14. A

    What will a Pyra be able to do that the OpenPandora can't do now?

    Hello folks, I've found out about the OpenPandora a few days ago and started to follow the DragonBox Pyra, and I might be interested in buying it. I looked at the Pyras specs and I didn't find many new possibilities that might be possible with the Pyra, only things that could be improved...
  15. F

    Pyra as a Phone

    Hello, I'm new to posting on the forum after being a lurker for many years. I'm excited to see the Pyra nearing production. I see the Pyra primarily as a miniature Linux computer. However, if it could be a basic phone whilst running Linux that would be useful. I'm looking for the ability to...