5th Screw dock


I think you are wrong here unless you want me to be the one to take apart the hinge and LCD cable and do all that too...

This unit is worse than the #14 I initially received, it is literally falling apart. Doubt me all you want.
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I don't doubt you. Good point on the hinge, though. I'd forgotten what a pain it was to take apart.

No worries. I had two Pandora's opened and was swapping screws, case parts, and shoulder buttons to see if I could have a fully functional unit with new nubs. 3 is a charm.
Slightly related, but my Pandora is breaking at the left hinge (lower plastic case just above the LEDs). If I was shipped the case, how hard is it to remove the LCD case and later put it back again? Wasnt there a special tool needed because you had to break the hinge to get this off?