A Wifi concern...


Island Man with Pandora in my pocket
Feb 15, 2003
I've had my original Pandora (Classic) for a while since the first shipments came out of Craigx's shop, and it all has been working well. 

I mean I've lived with a dodgy LCD cable, sometimes working SD slot 2 and cracking case since day 1... BUT... honestly I've been very happy with the machine.... until... today. My wifi seems to be the issue now... I think.

When I try to update apps using PND Manager or PNDStore the downloading seems to function for the first 5 seconds.... then I get a stoppage of data at about 5kb.... and then the program seems to cancel the download and goes back to the original download page. 

Whats more disturbing though is the WiFi Module. It is makes a very audible clicking sound when its running. When I disable it.... no sound, when I enable it... a fairly audible clicking sound I can hear from about 1 foot away. 

I am assuming my WIFI is going because I have never heard the WIFI do that in the first 2 years of owning it. 

Does anyone know what I should do next to test the wifi? or 

Should I send it in for maintenance? 

Afterall.... the device could use a new lcd cable, slot 2, and possibly new wifi module.... 

Any help would be wonderful I thank you in advance.

For the record when I start up a web browser, any browser,  it does work.... but very very slowly. Like Dial-up connection from 10 years ago.