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Those are actually expensive. Hence I get my diet water in powered form: only add some water and it's good to go. And only a quarter of the price

You've just given me a great business idea: I'll collect and resell used empty water bottles as 'Dehydrated Diet water. Just add water'. I'll make a fortune! :D
Convenient product placement. If you want to catch a mouse you don't need only a trap, you need a mouse too. This way you can buy both easier. The price of the mouse should be clearer though, let's assume the price tag is in the other side.
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That's a cute fluffy one. Wouldn't surprise me if someone brought his pet to the store to make that photo.
If not: those mouse bait stations work even when still in the packaging.
Wow. And I just worried in another thread about the post-sale service issues of selling Pyra kits !
They'd better only sell children with huge disclaimers and to companies who can't enjoy compulsory consumer warranties.
Whoever wrote that has no business sense at all. Why should parents remember to collect children every single day instead of just forgetting it once and stop paying for parking them there?
They need to charge a very high price when selling children to recover all lost recurring income. It's more profitable to charge parents for hosting or colocating them while using them as forced labor directly (until 2pm, to offload housing and feedstock).
Vertical integration is the name of the game.