Are these SD cards any good?

Blue Protoman

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Mar 6, 2010

I'm considering getting another SD card for some extra space. Anyone test these on a Pandora? I know that anything above Class 6 is pointless, but this is the cheapest 32GB that Newegg has. I don't care about the Class; I just want storage and reliability. (Though no SD card has ever let me down, ever.) I'd prefer a 64GB, if I can find one that costs less than twice as much as this. Oh, I'm in America, by the way.

Any thoughts or advice? (Yes, I know to avoid eBay.)
Yeah, I'd say it is. It's worked great for me so far, and I've had it for about 2 months. Microcenter has it for a dollar more and you can get it today.
Hm, seems that I have to sign up to Newegg for a monthly fee. Goodbye! Any other suggestions? I want a 32GB SD card, Class be damned.
that signup thing isnt with newegg, its a promotion theyre doing, like amazon has with prime, sign up for a month(1st is free) and you get free shipping, you dont have to sign up to this and just pay for your shipping