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Nov 4, 2008
borgqueenx said:
WizardStan said:
And I just told you, if those specs mean nothing to you, then it's perfect.
is there somewhere a page where i can see desame specs of the psp? so i can compare and see how the pandora kicks the ass of the psp? :D
Im anyways glad it has good sound quality :)

The specs on the PSP codec are unknown. Anyway, an ipod sounds better than the PSP and the Pandora sounds better then an ipod.. I'm talking about the headphone output of course, i have no idea about the speaker performance.

borgqueenx said:
no idea what SPL means, but 91db is horrible loud.but maby it was measured at the speaker, and not at his ears.

91dB is SNR (Signal to noise ratio) which is not necessarily power :p

WhiteBat said:
we already figured this out ages ago, the DAC is the burr-brown PCM1773
the amp is the TWL4030

Not really, that DAC uses other amp (still unknown), it's on the other thread.
The amp and the codec on the TWL4030 will be used on the speakers and the line out only. If you are more interested in the sound quality of the speakers, forget all the the specs about the Burr-Brown DAC that will only be used with the headphone output.

TWL4030 audio specs:

Section 6.1

Of course, MWeston can confirm all of this..
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Sep 18, 2006
Seriously, I doubt that the Pandora will have bad sound. Expecting the speakers in a portable device to be able to crank out tunes like a stereo system, or even something like an ipod dock with speakers is a little much. A good set of earphones or headphones will suffice. If you want louder sound for your tunes out of the Pandora get a decent set of battery powered active speakers. You can even get bluetooth ones that are quite decent for portable use.

And all this audiophile stuff is a load of wank a lot of the time. Granted, good quality gear will enhance your listening experience, but it is subjective in the end, and a lot of audiophiles seem to love geeking out over the the numbers, even if they are talking about figures beyond the range of human hearing (20-20,000 Hz) :p

After years of cranking tunes through high end listening gear, how good do these audiophiles think their range of hearing really is ;) In the end it is about enjoying your tunes/sounds. Don't let techno-babble ruin your fun.

No offense audiophiles :D