Best way to sell Pyra pre-order voucher in the Trading section?


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Apr 13, 2016
So it's coming up to six years since I got this pre-order, last time I looked I was around the 760 mark in the queue. I'd like to sell the voucher so someone can have a Pyra from it but of course it's tied to my shop account and email etc, how could I go about selling it here so it's all above board and the buyer could be confident they will get a Pyra?

If I can't sell I will probably just spend it in the shop if/when something I like is ever in stock. I don't want a refund.
Probably someone from Dragonbox (either ED or staff) is able to answer this. I think there is no way from us 'customers' to handle this in a proper way.
Not selling it will just cause the person after you to get the Pyra I would think.
You can receive a unit (with someones payment) and send it to them, but this is a hassle for the both of you.
Try to handle it when you're asked from the shop what you want to do with you pre-order.
But really doing it nicely, transferring the ownership to someone else, will probably only be something ED/staff can do.
If he's around 750 in the queue, he won't have his unit ready for a while yet I'd guess. I'd be an age before he is able to get sent a pyra then send it on to the purchaser of the voucher, and it's a while before he'll be asked to use his preorder by an email from the shop. But your other points are good.