Sales How to convert a pre-pre-order into a pre-order


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Apr 15, 2011
A pre-pre order is a voucher code that will need to be converted into a pre-order. All it does is reserve a spot in the queue.

First find the email sent out by called "[DragonBox] Thanks !"

In it you will find a voucher number "We are pleased to offer you a gift voucher worth 290 € that you can use on your next order by using the following code : FHSv2FsfsS25424sSF2s." (it will look something like that, only it will be an actual code)

Then you go to

Click "Consoles"

Then the Pyra text, (not the image)

Then select the pyra you want.

Supply the voucher code from the email when you check out (this particular voucher code is not under vouchers in the shop account)

If you pay by IBAN bank transfer, only put the reference code in the description feild, dont leave you address there, like i did, because the payment will not register, as you can see in the account under "orders".
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Just to also confirm, you will not lose your pre-pre-order position when converting to the regular pre-order.
FWIW, my voucher code looked rather different to your example; primarily it has 18 characters in it not 20 (and only one 'S' in it), so they can vary a lot it seems. It may also be worth noting that I didn't include the full stop after it when submitting my order, though I don't know if it would ignore it if you did supply it.
I have a unconverted pre-pre-order voucher (290 €) and want to get the the Pyra Preorder (Mobile Ed. , US-Ver., 4GB RAM) 400,00 € (~USD 451.36)
However, I can only pay using PayPal, so what is the PayPal trick? Do I buy another voucher for 110 € with PayPal and use both of the vouchers to convert the pre-pre-order?
Or will pre-pre-order voucher and PayPal work on the Pyra Preorder page?

AIUI, yes, buy at least EUR110 worth of vouchers using Paypal, then pay for you preorder using those and your pre-preorder code. As I recall, you enter your pre-pre-order code before making payment.