Preorder vouchers' expiration date

Ivan Kulikov

Still Fresh
Feb 24, 2016
Hello guys. I checked my DragonBox shop account today and I have not found my preorder gift voucher under Vouchers section. I have my order in the order list and a voucher code in my mailbox however.

I remember someone pitching a question about vouchers expiring on february 2018 or something like that. But I was unable (i.e. too lazy) to find that message.

The question is: is my voucher code still valid? wat was ED's reply to that message?
The vouchers are normally valid for 2 years I believe, but I'm sure that ED has stated he will honour the vouchers for Pyra orders even if they are older. Can't find the original message though...
The vouchers validity will be increased if they run out, no worries.
However, the reason it's NOT in your account is because these are gift vouchers. They are not bound to your account and can be donated to anyone.
The voucher code was in the email you received shortly after your order.