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Jul 20, 2015
I'm an iCP2 backer who opted for the Pyra2 voucher/store credit from

I know that vouchers are not accepted to pay for preorders, because ED needs to raise funds to order parts. I understand that and it's fine.

However, if I preorder now (at and pay the full amount of 400 €, can I use my voucher later to cover (part of) the second payment?

The FAQ seems to suggest yes, but it is vague. @Link told me no by email, in very clear terms and based on what ED had told him. Someone in the news threads has a preorder (payed in full) and a voucher, however, and they seemed pretty sure that they would be able to use their voucher on the second payment.

Currently, this uncertainty is the only thing keeping me from preordering and paying ED another 400 € towards parts. I don't think that's such a good thing...

@EvilDragon, could you please clarify this for me (and possibly others in the same situation, also wondering)?

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As a OP preorder who opted for a pyra for manufacturer price, I'd happily pay full price now if I knew I knew I would get money back once the needed funds are raised for needed production, or if I had any kind of guarantee that I could just use the voucher on a upgraded SOC down the line, if there was some guarantee that we'd even get one of those.
I'm of the same impression that my voucher might be used to pay the remaining amount- however my voucher exceeds the remaining 345.00 euros I have to pay on my pyra pre-order.
I've use partial amounts on a voucher in Evildragon's shop. The remaining amount will still be available on the same voucher number.
The alternative would be to wait out the preorder process and be patient until there are Pyras in stock.

Hardly ideal, since
  1. I'd like to have a spot in the preorder queue (selfish, I know),
  2. there is a slim chance that only Pyra preorders will be made and there won't be any Pyras in stock later (unlikely, I know) and
  3. I'm perfectly willing to put down 400 € right now, which would help to get the first batch made, but I'm held back by this uncertainty (cowardly, I know).

I could buy gift vouchers from now, to support ED's fundraising efforts, but even for that I would like some kind of assurance that I would be able to use the two vouchers I'd have then, one from and one from, on the same order of a Pyra.
A little note on the Ithic vouchers... To my understanding the Ithic vouchers were never meant to be 'same as cash'. They are only valid on the -profit- portion of the purchase price of a Pyra purchased through Ithic's store. They're not general 'gift cards', they are specific both in item (Pyra) and amount allowed to be covered on a per Pyra basis. This is more than fair as these vouchers are to help re-compensate people for the failure of the English company (CraigIX) that was producing the ICP2. Ithic is doing us (I have a voucher for this too) a favor out of kindness, not out of liability, for another entity's screwed up project.

A little note on the CraigIX Pandora order vouchers... To my understanding the Pandora vouchers were never meant to be 'same as cash'. They are only valid on the -profit- portion of the purchase price of a Pyra purchased through DragonBox's store. They're not general 'gift cards', they are specific both in item (Pyra) and amount allowed to be covered on a per Pyra basis. This is more than fair as these vouchers are to help re-compensate people for the failure of the English company that was producing the Pandora at that time. DragonBox is doing you/them a favor out of kindness, not out of liability, for another entity's screwed up project.

Those two types of vouchers are distinct and most likely can NOT be used in combination for the purchase of a Pyra. They are separate companies in separate countries each, separately, offering a generous discount on a specific future purchase.

No amalgamation of vouchers can be used in excess of the profit portion of a Pyra's purchase price.

Do not expect either company to gift you money out of pocket to cover the production costs of your new toy.

This is more than fair. Both companies are doing you a favor to help take the sting out of a third party's mismanagement. DragonBox and Ithic owe you/us nothing. That they are granting a generous discount on this future purchase is magnanimous.

Those above discounted sale vouchers are very different from the DragonBox Pyra pre-order and pre-pre-order vouchers/credits. These are FOR the production costs of new Pyra consoles for which the beyond production costs portion is to be paid later. (Not really profit as there are still other costs to cover - ED mentioned that actual profit won't be seen until >2500 are sold).

The above is not 'official', but is my interpretation of the situation. I do not represent any of the three companies mentioned.
So if I understand this correctly, the options you are considering
  • Preordering now, then potentially using vouchers later.
But if they aren't allowed, why should they be allowed for readily produced pyras after the first production run?

Because then you are
  • Pay nothing up front, potentially using vouchers later.
The whole thing hinges on people not doing this.

The first being a problem for the second batch is more of a problem for the second batch with the second option, since you are deducting preorder money from the pot, and effectively riding the surplus.

Since you have vouchers of some sort, and want to be able to use them, for the process to be viable, preordering up front is the way to go.

However and if ED wants to honour good-guy-vouchers, its very clear you are directly giving him the option to do so. There is a symbiosis there.

Since good-guy-vouchers cant be used for upfront money, the fulfilment stage of batch 1 is the earliest you could hope for, improving over time. I don't see how even attempting good-guy-vouchering is not the most out of this world good option you could ever hope for.

So just to have the point argued, you could decide not get a pyra at all. But what!?, it is just out of this world…
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I feel like I'm being misunderstood here.

I understand the nature of these so-called "vouchers", I know that they're bound specifically to a future purchase of a Pyra, nothing else. In fact, I used to refer to my "voucher" as "store credit" in other threads (which was the wording used in the relevant emails and Kickstarter updates from way back, IIRC). I found out quickly, though, that the prevailing term on this forum seems to be "voucher", so that's the wording I adopted. This usage on my part does not imply an expectation of any sort. Maybe I should have called it a "pseudo-downpayment", but I'm sure someone would find fault with that terminology, as well.

Furthermore, I'm neither expecting nor demanding anything (To be fair, nobody's directly said I was.), I'm only inquiring whether it will be possible to use an iCP2-->Pyra voucher/store credit/pseudo-downpayment from @Link's store to pay for (part of) the second payment of a Pyra preorder.
I've seen conflicting statements about this from Link, the FAQ and other forum users.

In the end, though, it's a question only @EvilDragon can answer and if the answer is "no", then that's totally OK.
So @EvilDragon, would you please enlighten us?

I will definitely order a Pyra, at some point.
I also definitely want to use my voucher/store credit/pseudo-downpayment towards a Pyra.
If that's not possible with a preorder: Fine. I will keep my feet still until Pyras are in stock and order then.

However, I am under the impression that more preorders are really needed, or at least wanted, and so I thought that the fact that there's at least one person who doesn't want to preorder only because of this uncertainty might be interesting to @EvilDragon. And I thought it best to have this question answered on the public forum, so if there are other people like me they would find the info without having to ask themselves.
I think I may have put this thread in the wrong place.

I found this other thread, which is about converting pre-preorders to preorders. So it's on a totally different topic, but somewhat in the same area. And it caught my attention, because it's on the Support Area board.

So now I'm thinking that that's where this thread belongs, too. Can I have it moved please? Who do I contact about that?

Also, the other thread has the word Sales in front of the title in dark red text on grey background. As a classification, sort of. That would apply here as well. How does one achieve this - Is it a tag?
[doublepost=1464609870,1464595195][/doublepost]I edited the title now, to reflect my impression that this thread is probably misplaced in General Discussions (which was my mistake).
Thanks to whoever moved this thread to the Support Area. I added the Sales-prefix to the title, too.
(Yes, it's a prefix, not a tag.)
So I wrote an email to the shop team at and received an answer - from EvilDragon himself, no less! :)

It was in German, so I'm translating and paraphrasing here, but the gist of it was that things are complicated what with being a separate company and in a different country. So Link and ED still have to figure out how this could be done, esp. with regard to taxes, bureaucracy etc.

Make of that what you will. I take it to mean that, at this point, no promises can be made, either way.
Hi all. Hope i can get here an answer and don´t waste your time too much :p
I preorder a Pyra like most of u. Done it a week ago.

" When the preorder has been finished, you'll receive a voucher code. Please make sure you store it safely, as you will need to use it when the final order will be done. "

Do u all get it allready and i have i to contact the shop? Have i to wait longer maybe?

Thx for answers and have a nice day.

EDIT: Thx for the quick answer terator
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I got mine per E-Mail immediately. Maybe write a mail to the shop support. But don't worry if it takes some time till you get an answer. :)
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you may want to check your spam. DragonBox promotions were getting sent to mine, though none of the voucher/purchase information was, so maybe that's not it...
Thx but i check the spam for sure. I wait now for the Shop answer and post after the response.
BTW: Its only the voucher mail. Other mails arrive quick. It´s normal maybe .... we will see.
What payment method did you choose? If it's BitCoin or Bank Transfer, you'll receive the mail after the payment has been received.

But I'll check the shop requests later, that was just an information upfront.
Hi ED. It was Bank Transfer. That was my first thought too and the Shop say that the payment is received.

Da du dies auch lesen kannst: Normale Überweisung gewählt. Eigentlich ist laut der Shopseite auch alles abgeschlossen soweit. Dachte fragen kostet nichts.
PS: Danke für die Zeit und Energie die du und dein Team in dieses Projekt steckt und für die Community habt. Ihr seid Klasse :)

Solved: Get a voucher manually. Thx for the very quick response.
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so vouchers could be used to purchase a pyra upon release, but not for pre-ordering?
so vouchers could be used to purchase a pyra upon release, but not for pre-ordering?
You can use vouchers exactly as you are trying to do. There are some people that ED and link are helping out that lost money due to past projects led by another person. To make sure there are funds to actually make the Pyra those special cases have to wait to use the vouchers related to those other projects for their Pyra.
[doublepost=1469519084,1469518910][/doublepost]And to be more clear in what you are trying to do, PayPal does not permit preorders, so the only way to preorder with PayPal is to use shop vouchers purchased with PayPal to pay for the preorder. Again, everything should be fine with the way you are doing it.